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Email & Newsletter Design Best Practices: Infographic

Named as ‘Email Design Best Practices’, the infographic includes, utilitarian email design best practices from around the Email world, the concepts are explained in a lucid manner. Email Uplers have considered the Envelop design, Pre-header and Header design, Email layout, Copy & Body Content, Footer design and Mobile Optimized Email within the Best Practices.

Email Design Best Practices - infographic

Professionals around the world will find this infographic radically pivotal as it delineates didactic facts and staggering stats. Some of them include:

  • Envelope Design: matters most to the subscribers. Info-graphic shares best practices pertaining to the FROM NAME, TO FIELD and SUBJECT LINES. Subscribers decide to read or delete an Email within 3 seconds.
  • Pre-Header and Header: Snippet Text should be well aligned with the subject line as few clients show preview text, pulled out from the first few lines of email content.
  • Johnson Box top is ideally 400X300 Pixels, with the height of the header set at around 150 Pixel.
  • Mobile Optimized Emails has to be restricted to single column template, using techniques like responsive and scalable coding standards as 42% of all email is now opened via mobile and 43% of mobile email users check email 4+ times per day.. Mobile emails should have tappable calls to action of minimum size 44 x 44 pixels and Mobile Email width of 320 to 480 Pixels.
  • Images in the email: Images in the email: Images with an Alt text should be used as in case an email does not display correctly, 69.7% will delete it immediately. Try to avoid background images layered with text. Many of the email clients (Outlook, one of them) don’t support background images.
  • Guidelines: Avoiding the use of Flash or Ajax functionality.

Email Design Best Practices is appealing as it adds valuable ideas, persuasiveness and attracting eye balls of the most email fraternities. Info-graphic is backed up by a printable and downloadable checklist for the email design best practices. Designers engaged in email designing can use this checklist and incorporate the listed best practices in their day to day work. This checklist is one pager and can be easily accessed on Email Uplers

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Email and newsletter design - infographic

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