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How Much Does It Cost to Increase TikTok Followers?

TikTok is gaining more popularity and has more than one billion followers. Many people use different techniques to engage the audience. This makes it difficult to promote your TikTok account and increases the competition. To gain the benefits of TikTokers, you can buy followers from different online websites. But choosing a trustworthy website is very difficult. Of the many different names and services out there, it’s always going to be important to try and find the best one that specializes in providing TikTok followers. It is a secure platform that offers its services at affordable prices. However, we compiled our list and talked about the cost of buying TikTok followers. To learn more about this process and how to get started & increase TikTok followers, be sure to read through each of the reviews below.

Increase TikTok Followers – Famoid

Did you hear the name Famoid? Famoid is one of the best websites that provide real TikTok followers. It is a useful and reliable tool that provides organic traffic. The customer support service is also excellent. which is available 24/7 to handle disputes and queries. A lot of reviews are also available, which makes this site more trustworthy. The top feature of this website is its refund policy. The company claims that they will refund customers’ money if they are not satisfied with the service of Famoid.


Famoid offers different packages. There are three basic packages. If you want to get 100–25000 followers, then the cost will be $2–$129. If you want 50,000 followers, then the price will be $150.


  • The website is secured with HTTPS, which makes the website more safe.
  • No password is required; you just have to provide an email and phone number.
  • Customer support service is available 24/7.
  • Affordable service
  • No hidden prices.
  • Cancelation can occur at any time.


  • It also provides fake followers.
  • The website also contains negative reviews, and these reviews may not be organic.

Tools to Increase TikTok Followers – Toksocial

Toksocial is also a service provider that can assist you in reaching out to a larger portion of your audience. It is possible to have an account manager on this site in addition to receiving likes and followers. An account manager will assist you in acquiring genuine followers.

This website verifies that the followers are genuine and not impersonators, and when it comes to verifying your own account, it’s as simple as logging into TikTok. They will show you several tactics that will allow you to maintain the attention of your audience for an extended period of time. However, you have the option to cancel your subscription at any point. The system may also have sophisticated filtering options that enable you to become incredibly focused on a certain specialty and target clients who fall into that category.

Your account manager is in charge of the expansion of your business.


Toksocial provides two plans. If you want an affordable package, then the cost is $15 for a week. The growth of your account will be moderate. If you want to attract more of an audience, then you have to pay $25 for a week. This will provide maximum growth for your account, and many followers will follow your account.


  • This is an http site.
  • Affordable price
  • Different packages are available, so you can buy one according to your budget.
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • It is simple to install and maintain.


  • Toksocial provides its services just for TikTok. It does not serve any other platform.


Buzzvoice is also one of the best social media service providers. Many users are gaining services. If you want to become an influencer or promote your brand through the use of trending hashtags and using viral video content, be sure to check out Buzzvoice, which is a great website for you to consider. These sites can increase your followers and likes on your video.

Buzzvoice works to engage the audience, and you can get followers and likes in a few minutes or a few hours. It is successfully providing its services to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too. It is successfully providing its services to TikTok. You can buy followers, likes, views, and comments on your videos.


Many packages are offered by Buzzvoice. It also comes with a cheap package. Its cheapest package is available for just $5 and provides 100 followers. But if you want more followers, then you have to invest $110 to get 5k followers. You don’t have to provide your password. Buzzvoice just needs your username and email address. Buzzvoice claims that it will not violate any laws and will follow rules and regulations.


  • No password is required, only a user name and email are required.
  • Affordable packages
  • Excellent customer service.


  • It also contains some negative reviews.
  • No free trial.
  • There is no about us page where you can learn more about us.
  • No Gradual Delivery.

Increase TikTok Followers – Famoid Is the Winner

This is the era of having no stress trying to get followers and likes. It will take a day or a few hours to get likes and followers. You just have to place an order on their website. There are alternatives to suit all tastes and budgets, and you can get started with just a few clicks and then sit back and watch your purchase in action.

Our recommendation is Famoid. This is an affordable website that will provide its services at a reasonable price. They will not provide fake or bot followers, but they will provide real and genuine followers. If you place an order on Famoid, they will deliver their services within a few hours.

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