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CompTIA Network + Certification – Is It Everything You Need to Succeed in IT Networking?

How can you launch a successful IT career today? And what does it take to maintain this success throughout a 30-year period? Working in high-profile jobs in IT is exciting but reaching such milestones is never easy. To make yourself a reliable IT leader, you need to not only handle your responsibilities well but also know how to make your skills hard to ignore. And one of the tips to achieve this is to regularly advance yourself through certifications. We understand the challenges involved in choosing the right training and badge to jumpstart your career growth especially if you are at the very beginning of your journey in the networking field. So, in this post, we’ve covered what you might have wanted to know about the CompTIA Network+ certification. 

CompTIA Network+ certification

Reasons to Pursue CompTIA Network+ Certification

A deep understanding of the technical concepts is the starting point for launching a successful career that will withstand all the shakeups at different phases of your professional track. But how to acquire all this core and modern knowledge and prove you have it? The Exam-Labs.com certification from a recognized organization is the answer. So, to delve deeper into this topic, let’s assess the value of the CompTIA credentials in detail.

Refresh Your Resume

Recruiters definitely pay attention to the skills and training section when checking resumes. And this is where a valid CompTIA badge can do wonders. You can always make up for the absence of a college degree by completing your certification training. And CompTIA is just one of the many avenues to help you achieve that.

Boost Your Knowledge

Pursuing a CompTIA credential will bridge the knowledge gaps and help you understand all the details of modern solutions in your chosen sphere. By earning any of their certifications, you will be so much ahead at what you do that employers will find it hard to ignore your skills.

Get Started in a New Field

Whether you’ve wanted to specialize in a new field or even switch to another career, CompTIA badges have been created to satisfy such needs. Due to coming from a vendor-neutral perspective,  CompTIA A Plus Certification credentials are diverse to broaden your understanding of basic IT concepts and enable you to work in different companies regardless of what products and technologies they use. Whether IT security, networking, infrastructure, or cloud, CompTIA badges act as the perfect building blocks for initiating a lucrative IT career in numerous directions.

Prerequisites for Attaining CompTIA Network+ Certification

Since CompTIA Network+ is among the most popular credentials from this vendor, let’s have a look at its main features starting with requirements. And you’ll be pleased to know that there are no formal prerequisites for getting certified. This implies that even without a college degree or working background, you can still qualify for this badge. And the only thing you need to do to obtain Network+ is to pass its Download Here .

However, CompTIA advises that aspiring candidates should have at least a 9-month training experience in computer networking or a valid CompTIA A+ credential or both, before signing up for this certification. But you should remember that these are only recommendations. Although they will help you easier familiarize yourself with the topics tested in the exam, you’ll always be able to gain relevant knowledge and skills through lots of studies and practice if you are determined enough. 

Details of CompTIA Network + Certification

The CompTIA Network+ test brings 90 questions that must be attempted in 90 minutes. You will have to score at least 720 points out of 900 to pass your N10-007 exam which will cost you $329 for every try.

For adequate training, you should prepare for handling drag-and-drop, performance-based, and multiple-choice questions in this exam. Performance-based tasks are a unique testing format because they confirm if you can apply different networking concepts in scenario-based environments. They also prove you are ready to solve real-world issues in the workplace. So now, let’s explore what are the most common positions you can apply for with this credential.

Your Career Prospects and Job Description

IT certification

A+ Practice Test 1 if you want to test your skills in any of the prominent entry-level job roles for networking professionals. Here are the paths to fulfilling your career ambitions using this impressive training and its related badge.

Computer Technician

Computer technicians offer technology solutions to end-users. Their roles are revolved around installing various hardware and software to ensure systems run smoothly. With so much going on around modern programs, drivers, and different resources. This field is only expected to become more impressive in the coming years. 

Help Desk Technician

Help desk technicians may not enjoy the prospect of working on IT networks but their role is important in the management of tier one and tier two technologies. They can offer online or remote technical support to end-users to solve problems that may impede the smooth operation of these platforms.

Network Administrator

Network administrators are the big boys of this IT area, who have tasks on managing a company’s networks and systems. The Click Here badge will make you suitable for this position at the junior level because it covers all the basic concepts such a specialist should be aware of.

CompTIA Network + Certification – Conclusion

The right technical acumen is what you need to build an IT career. And the current CompTIA Network+ certification can help you achieve just that. Of course, the credential is not everything you need to have to succeed but it will serve as a great launchpad.

Once you earn the badge, this will be the moment your career journey will really start. You need to develop a strong desire for continued learning. Never stop in acquiring information about innovations in your field. Here’s hoping this guide will help you acquire the CompTIA Network+ credential to put you ahead of the rest and give your career prospects a huge boost.

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