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Compliance Training – Four Technologies Changing The Face Of It

Compliance training has long been an integral part of doing business for many organizations. From ensuring safety for employees to ensuring more productivity in operations. It offers benefits that stretch across the board. With that said, for most businesses, compliance training is not their core competency. Thus, they view it as a necessary evil. Thinking of compliance as simply a requirement is not wrong. It is also true that keeping up with compliance requirements does require a significant investment of time, money, and resources.

compliance training and elearning

There is no way around compliance training. However, modern technology has enabled organizations to conduct it with more efficiency. They can do it without interfering with the involved cost. These technologies, combined with a little help from compliance training experts, can help you reduce the strain of compliance training on your organization. Let’s talk about some of these technologies in a bit more detail.

Compliance Training and LMS

Perhaps the most commonly used eLearning technology is learning management systems. They offer a variety of benefits to organizations and learners alike. In the case of compliance training, learning management systems allow for standardization of training, delivery of training content to remote employees, and some exceptional training capabilities.

The best part is, this technology has been around for a while now. As a result of its popularity, modern learning management systems are extremely easy to use and demand no technical expertise. Many LMS solutions one can even implement overnight!

Rapid Content Authoring Tools


Another popular tool in the World of eLearning. It is a rapid content authoring tool that does exactly what its name suggests. For most standard compliance training programs, there are some very special benefits associated with authoring tools.

A lot of content in compliance training is concerned with the same compliances that most businesses in your industry have to adhere to. With preloaded templates and authoring tools present in a rapid content authoring tool, creating this sort of generalized content is a matter of a few hours. With collaborative abilities, a rapid authoring tool also cuts down the time investment required to develop custom course content.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is transforming the way we work across industries and business environments. For compliance training, one can apply the predictive abilities of AI in creating compliance update alerts. They can potentially eliminate the risk of non-compliance. Similarly, machine learning algorithms can be used to predict the likelihood of future compliance-related risks. In other words, machine learning can be used to future-proof your compliance department.

Virtual Reality

Unlike AI, virtual reality is being quickly accepted in the training community. Like all others on this list, virtual reality also has special benefits for compliance training. For starters, with immersive virtual reality setups. They are becoming increasingly affordable. So businesses can virtually eliminate the risk of injuries during the training.

Moreover, for situations like training for drivers, one can use virtual reality to recreate specific training situations. These are otherwise difficult to replicate on the road. Many situations that professional drivers have to prepare for occurring rarely. It means it can be months before a driver actually runs into one such situation. With virtual reality, you can recreate the situation. You can also repeat the walkthroughs to improve the effectiveness of training.

Compliance Training – Conclusion

As technology continues to transform the training landscape, businesses will have no choice but to keep up. Which upcoming training technologies are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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