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Is CDN a Cloud Service?

Speed of content loading is an indicator that affects user loyalty and website rating in search engines. According to Google, slow download speeds increase bounce rates (user exits). If the page takes 6 seconds to load, it reaches 106%. For websites with a lot of data to open faster, a cloudy CDN service is used. Let us find out who needs CDN hosting and what problems it helps to solve.

CDN networkWhat Is CDN and How Does It Work?

How data transfer works on a regular hosting:

  1. The client (the browser) requests content from the server that stores information.
  2. It processes the request and sends a data packet in response.
  3. Information is loading successfully.

CDN  or Content Delivery Network adds another component to this simple equation – servers that cache part of the data from the initial page. They are located between the server and the end-user with the data from different sites for quick download and can transfer data.

Cloudy CDN service is provided by many companies located all over the world. Due to this, the distance between clients and the main server does not affect the information transfer rate. Websites that use this technology are loading quickly.

For example, the G-Core Labs company is well-known for the superb speed of delivery of any content. Moreover, it provides competitive prices for the service.

What Tasks Does It Help to Solve?

It increases site loading speed, unloads the main server, and makes safety higher. All these features are useful for:

  • large online stores with an audience in different regions
  • streaming audio and video services that transfer a large amount of content to different parts of the world
  • game portals, for example, cloud gaming or software distribution platforms

Modern CDN technology is also used if the project has a mobile application that must work quickly.

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