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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

The bedroom is the place where people spend almost a third of their lives, and healthy sleep is the key to excellent well-being, productivity, and career success. That is why it is worth considering the choice of the room itself and aspects that create an appropriate environment in it. Sound sleep depends not only on a comfortable bed and comfy pillows but also on the bedding, including the quality of the sheets you use. When choosing bed linen, you should understand that it involves direct contact with the skin. That is why not only the appearance, the density of the fabric, and the size of your sleeping place are significant. You should also consider the quality of materials, especially when it comes to those with allergies or sensitive skin. With the right choice of bed sheets, your sleep will be healthy and comfortable.

In the large assortment of bed sheets offered online, it is easy to get confused and choose an inappropriate option. So, the first thing you should remember – try to buy only at a reliable linens store to invest your money wisely and save time.

To make the right choice and get the most out of your shopping experience, you need to consider a few important things before buying luxury bed sheets. Color and pattern alone are not enough. Try to pay attention to the structure, quality of the material, and the cost of the product itself.

Luxury Bed Sheets – Simple Buyer Tips

Food sleep largely depends on the quality of bed linen. In stores selling home textiles, you can find a variety of sheet sets differing in color and density of the fabric, size, and brand of the manufacturer. It can be challenging for an inexperienced buyer to deal with such an abundance of products. Before you start shopping, it is better to take into account the basic parameters of the quality of the sheets to avoid mistakes:

  • The fabric should be breathable and absorbent. Usually, such properties you can find in materials made from cotton fiber, silk, and bamboo.
  • The high strength and durability of the product are very significant. Bed linen requires frequent washing, so delicate and loose fabrics can tear in no time.
  • Dyes used to manufacture the sheets must be resistant to hot water and free from allergy-causing ingredients.

To prevent bed sheets from falling apart after the first wash, stick to this guidance when buying.

High-quality Material

The most important thing when choosing any bedding is to pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Products such as bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases cannot be made from unknown and dangerous fabrics, because bedding is the foundation of your healthy sleep. There is no room for compromise on quality. That is why the most popular options for such products are:

100% Super-soft Cotton

Cotton is a natural material that does not cause allergies and is very pleasant to the touch. These sheets are eco-friendly and breathable models that are strong and durable. Cotton sheets are known for their excellent thermal conductivity; such sheets do not fade, are easily washed and ironed.

Silky-smooth 100% Rayon

Rayon belongs to viscose fabrics created artificially from natural raw materials (for example, bamboo). It has high elasticity (the elasticity of rayon is higher for cotton and linen fabrics), high strength, increased thermal conductivity, and colorfastness.

Ultra-plush Microfiber

Microfiber sheets have a lot of advantages due to the unique structure of the fabric. They are tear-resistant, hypoallergenic, and highly hygroscopic (perfectly absorb moisture). They do not wear out or fade. Recently, bamboo sheets have become especially popular for luxury bedroom decoration. The Linens & Hutch online store presents a wide selection of beautiful bedding where every buyer will find the right color, size, type of fabric, and price.

Features of Sewing

When choosing bed sheets, you need to carefully study the seamy side, the seams, and the finishing of the edges. The premium quality sheets set should be sewn from a single piece of material, not assembled from several pieces. The seam running in the middle of the sheet indicates that it does not meet standard requirements. The threads used to sew the sheets must be strong and match the color of the overall interior design. It is better to avoid sheets with buttons and clasps. Excess hardware makes it difficult to clean the product and can injure a sleeping person.

The Right Size

Determining the correct size of the sheet is one of the main criteria for a successful purchase. In the luxury bedding market, you can find sheets in a variety of sizes you may need. Reliable branded linens stores such as Linens & Hutch offer sheets in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes to make it easy for you to choose the one that suits your bed.

When choosing the size, you should know not only the measurements of the bed but also the height of the mattress. Otherwise, the sheet may be too small. Select a bedsheet that will be slightly larger in width and length than the parameters of the bed. If you take a sheet with the same parameters, there is a risk that the sheet will slide off.

Bed Sheets – Color and Quality of Fabric

Many people choose bed linen in light colors since there is less risk that the product will fade after the first wash. If you like a set of sheets with a bright pattern, you need to be extra vigilant. The color pattern on the front and back sides should be equally clear and bright.

You should not choose a bed sheet in which the fabric is dyed only from the front side. Most likely, such linen will quickly fade and lose its original attractiveness. It is easy to check the quality of the sheet: rub the drawing with your hands; if the paint remains on them, it is better to avoid such bedding. Always follow the cleaning and care recommendations of the bedding manufacturer. Luxury bed sheets will last you longer and remain as pleasant to the touch as on the first day of purchase.

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