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Using Twitter for Marketing – Top Secret Techniques

Twitter – the World’s number one micro-blogging site is now 11 years old. It was first started by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams back in March 2006. There are some technical pundits which say that Twitter is dying. At the end of 2016, Twitter had over 319 million users! Well, if this is dying, then keep me dead. After 2005, the world was revolutionized by the blogging trend. Twitter started boosting the traffic of the blogs and then after the 2012 timeline, things changed forever. Using Twitter for marketing became a trend. The result was astounding. Twitter proved to be a great source of traffic.

Twitter for Marketing

In this post, I am going to provide you with some important insights that will help you to leverage Twitter for your Business or Personal website and drive traffic to your website. Whether you’re an injury lawyer, agency owner, or brand manager these actionable tips will help you get the most out of marketing on the bird app. So, let’s get started and see how you can start using Twitter for marketing and growing your traffic in 2022.

Using Twitter for Marketing – Analytics

This is one of the best things provided by Twitter. Through Analytics, you can grasp some of the great deals about your followers or people you need to follow, or other general stuff. Now there are some key metrics you want to keep track of. Let’s discuss them in detail.

twitter audience

Understand Your Audience

You can track the location, lifestyles, and interests of your target audience with the help of Twitter analytics.

Measure the Level of Engagement

Talking about marketing on Twitter, this is one of the most important factors when it comes to tracking the level of engagement of your audience. Twitter enables you to track the retweets, link clicks, and likes. Apart from that, it also enables you to check the number of impressions and engagement level of your audience. These data can be used as some crucial inputs to create a more engaging post in the future.

Time of Your Audience Engagement

Twitter analytics can also inform you about the engagement details as well. By studying the report in detail you can easily speculate the best day of the week or best hour of the day to tweet. However, it varies with the nature of your audience, so you need to figure it out yourself.

Track Events Easily

On the Twitter analytics dashboard, Event is a category. Through this category, you can see all the actions of the events. If anything is worth tweeting, that can be done through here. You can easily filter the events through dates and locations. In order to have proper growth in your website traffic, you need to leverage all the features of Twitter analytics. This will help you to understand your audience. As the digital marketers used to say, “It is not about real-time marketing, it is about the right-time marketing.” This analytics section of Twitter will help you to guess the right time and increase the website traffic for your business.

Incredible Twitter for Marketing Tool – Social Listening

Twitter can be immensely resourceful when it comes to tracking the problems of your customers and prospects. With the help of Twitter, you can easily monitor the direction of your business and website. Let’s see what you can do with Twitter here:

twitter for marketing


The hashtags inform about which topic is trending and which is not. You can search directly for a hashtag to see all the posts mentioning that hashtag. Also, there is a section of top tweets on the left top corner side of the Twitter dashboard. Also, you can make use of hashtags.org to track the trending result of the hashtags.

Brand Mentions

Brand plays a crucial role in business. Twitter is quite helpful in learning all the brand mentions by the people. You can easily track the mentions just by using the simple search option of Twitter. This helps you to have valuable data about your brand, your competitor’s brand, and other general stuffs.

 Twitter for Marketing – Lists

This function is actually not known by all the people. Many use it quite less but this can be a great tool to keep an eye on your competition. You can create a list that you can choose either to be public or private. The private list can be only viewed by you. With this list, you can easily reckon the interests of your target audience. This can help you to create more engaging content for a particular group of users.

Broadcast Live

With Twitter, you can also broadcast live streaming video from any event of your liking or your viewer’s liking. This live streaming got immensely popular with Facebook and Youtube. Then after 2015, Twitter also starts giving this feature, and things were made easy for all the business persons or bloggers who are using Twitter as a promoting platform.

twitter engagement

Let’s see what you can achieve with Live Streaming on Twitter,

Introduce Products

With the live streaming on Twitter, it is easy to reach your target audience while introducing a new product of your company. As it is life, people will ask questions in real-time, so it is a perfect opportunity for you to get close to your viewer and prospects.

Broadcast Relevant Events

With live streaming, a blogger or a businessman can use broadcast any relevant and interesting event to make sure that the viewers also become a part of it. This use of Twitter for marketing increases the interactions and certainly increases user engagement.

Give a Closer Look at Your Company

With the live stream, you can give your prospects a closer look into your headquarter or company premises, or store. This engages your customers and keeps them close to your product or website if you’re a blogger.

Twitter for Marketing – Wrapping up

So, these are the ways as you can see, through which you can not just generate website traffic but also increase the quality of engagement. I hope you like my post about using Twitter for marketing. Did I miss something? Let me know through the comments. Till then have a good one.

Lauren McLaren
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