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Papervision Programming Tutorial: SkyBox

One of the easiest ways to generate the look of this outside world is a sky box. Essentially it is a box that contains the player (or more specifically the camera). If you move the box so its position is always centred on the camera, and make it large enough to encompass the 3D world that the player is looking at, the player gets the effect of a distant vista that surrounds their local 3D world. This tutorial informs you about how to work with the SkyBox effect.

The following sample takes a standard Papervision cube primitive, textures it with 6 double sided skybox textures (double sided so we can see the textures from the inside), and updates the position of the cube so it is always centred on the camera. Though the camera never actually moves in the demo, the author has included the code anyway. Demo is available for viewing as well.

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