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Papervision 3D Programming Tutorial: Modify Textures At Runtime

This tutorial teaches how to modify the texture of a Papervision 3D Collada model at run time. A nice offshoot of embedding the textures into the SWF file is that we can also modify which one is used at run time. You could use this effect to change the clothes of a 3D avatar or maybe to display damage on a tank.

The implementation of this is actually quite simple. The majority of the code used to create this effect is the same as in the article “Loading and Displaying a 3D Model”, so you’d better take a look at that first. You’ll need to make only 3 significant changes to enable modifying the texture of the Papervision 3D model at run time. With only a few lines of code you can instantly change a Papervision 3D model texture.

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