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Flint Particle Systems In Papervision 3D

This Papervision programming tutorial shows you how to use the Flint particle system together with Papervision to create some cool 3D Flash effects. A number of naturally occurring phenomenon are very hard to render with 3D objects. Smoke, fire, explosions and waterfalls are examples that are too fluid and intricate to try and reproduce with a 3D animation. Typically in situations where you need to visualize these systems in real time, like a game, they are represented using particles. Particles are small, simple objects that can be created in great numbers. When they move as a group according to some simple rules it is quite easy to get some nice looking effects that mimic their real world counterparts without the computational overhead.

Papervision doesn’t natively include a comprehensive particle system, but luckily for us the Flash particle system Flint can be used with the Papervision engine. As always, you can take a look at the demo and download the source code.

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