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Creating AS3 MP3 Player with Papervision3d spectrum display

Here’s the tutorial about how to create a 3d spectrum display from a sound file with Papervision3d and Flash. For this demo application, you will use the latest version of Papervision3d with the code name GreatWhite.
You need to include 7 Papervision classes to begin. The Camera3D class enables you to focus on a 3d object and zoom to it. Scene3D is a container that holds all 3d objects. The Viewport will be added to the main stage and is like a video screen that shows the result. Another important class is the BasicRenderEngine which renders all the objects from the scene with the current camera settings and outputs the result to the viewport. Papervision comes with different types of objects, but for our example you’ll only need the cube. And finally there are the materials which can be set to the objects.
As always, the article provides demo and fully commented source code.

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