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Lovely Facebook Timeline Covers for Valentine’s day!

Facebook Timeline will be mandatory for all users soon. If you don’t like it or simply haven’t install it yet, prepare yourselves that one day you’ll log in to your favourite social network and new updated Facebook page greet you :). So, why don’t make this welcome speech really striking, eye-catching and even romantic! One more good occasion for that is the upcoming St. Valentine’s day! Lots of charming and exciting cards will pack shop-windows soon. Cozy cafes will be decorated with lovely accessories dedicated to the most dreamy and tender day of the year. Everything around us will turn into a little country of love. So, don’t stay aside and also make your environment bright, shining and simply fantastic with these lovely Facebook timeline covers!

As your Facebook page takes a great part of your online life, it would be right to start with it! Choose a stunning and striking photo to place it on the top of the page or add a sweet Facebook cover picture. Who knows, maybe such tiny fine gesture helps you to say “I love you” to your beloved or makes someones day brighter. Anyway, don’t delay and start prepare for St. Valentine’s day!

Below, we’ve showcased beautiful and comely Valentine Facebook timeline covers which lead to the main source and where you can download them absolutely for free.

I love You

Valentine Facebook timeline cover

When we are in love, we are all like kids. Value this gentle feeling and share it with your the most important person.

Kiss me

Valentine Facebook Timeline cover

These charming words are someone’s secret desire and wish. St. Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to say them.

Happy Valentine’s day

Lovely Facebook Timeline Covers for St. Valentine's Day

Set up this colorful Valentine’s timeline cover picture and congratulate all your Facebook friends at once 🙂


Lovely Valentine Facebook timeline cover

We’re the builders of our happiness! So, choose this amusing cover and create a special romantic mood on St. Valentine’s day 🙂

Gentle love

Lovely Facebook Timeline Covers

Let your dreams come true on St. valentine’s day 🙂

Watermelon love

Valentine facebook timeline cover

Love is a very tasty dish! Just don’t spoil it with too much spices 🙂

Graffiti love

Lovely Facebook Timeline Covers

What is the best present on the St. Valentine’s day? What’s the weird question, of course – true and mutual love!

True meaning of love

Lovely Facebook Timeline Covers

This charming and attractive Valentine Facebook timeline cover is a nice choice for the special day.

Love treatment

Lovely Facebook Timeline Covers

Don’t just say “I love you”, show it!

Lipstick Love

Lovely Facebook Timeline Covers

It’s really simple to surprise your beloved, just draw a red heart on the window and you’ll present a shining smile on the whole day!

I <3 You

Valentine facebook timeline cover

Three common words but what a great impact they have on people! Simple and very touching Facebook timeline cover.

Mystic Love


Shadows on the light green background make this desired word much more mysterious. And it’s really fantastic, cause everyone has their own mystic meaning for this charming word. So, what’s yours?

Be my Valentine

Lovely Facebook Timeline Covers

This is the most willing phrase on the st.Valentine’s day!

Be my boyfriend

Lovely Facebook timeline covers

Set up this Facebook Valentine’s cover and tell the whole World that you are in love!

Be my girl

Valentine Facebook timeline cover

Of course we don’t forget about boys, and here is one more valentine’s picture to add to your Facebook timeline cover!

How to install the Facebook Timeline cover

You need only a few minutes to install your Facebook timeline cover. When you chose your favorite image you should only:

  • save the picture to your computer;
  • go to Facebook, click “choose from my photos” and press “upload a photo“;
  • after the uploading, your new Facebook cover will immediately appear on the top of your page.

Enjoy your new St. Valentine’s look!

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