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Amazing Papervision 3D Websites: New Collection

We continue our series of the most impressive and exceptional Flash websites created with Papervision 3D. This open source 3D engine for Flash allows Flash developers to create really amazing interactive effects. If you add 3d models in the Flash environment and combine them with PV3D, you can reach unbelievably impressive effects. Due to Papervision 3D flexibility, this engine is used by many developers who create web pages for famous brands.

Enjoy the collection and get inspired!

Hana Zuki

A really stylish Papervision 3D website with an interesting concept and stunning visual effects.


Fat-Man Collective

A clean style Flash website created with Papervision 3D. The images can be viewed by dragging them with a mouse.


Energy Lab

This impressive Flash website has a really unusual concept; the intro imitates an old film, and the website itself presents an exciting 3D puzzle.


Sointeractive Studio

This Papervision 3D website is also created in the form of a funny game: each interactive figure is a target that you have to hit with a ball.


The Economist

This stunning Papervision 3D work will definitely create a strong impression on visitors. A really creative website idea and outstanding design.


Red Bull Online Game

When creating this PV3D website, the designer used textures that is so actual nowadays: for example,  for the home page he used a cardboard box texture. Each website page has its own background.


Pearl Jam Ten Game

Another online game for all Flash game lovers: you need drag and drop cubes with a mouse.


Paper Critters

This PV3D website has been created for exhibiting almost 70000 “paper” figures. You can view the collection by clicking on the arrow buttons. To zoom the back rows forward you need to click on the row.


Titty Bingo

This amazing bright Papervision 3D website belongs to a band Titty Bingo. Plenty of visual effects such as photo planes and 3D models together with a great music of the band create a special mood. You can click on any object to hear a sample of a song.


Barselona Natural Science Museum Database

This amazing Papervision 3D website presents biological records that have been collected for 150 years around the world. To load a record list you need to click on an active zone.


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