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What is Designer’s Block and How To Overcome It?

Let’s admit: most of us are a little hesitant before trying something new. The fear of the unknown and of escaping the comfort zone is completely normal, as our brains are naturally programmed to experience what they understand as pleasant and rewarding. But the good news is that we can ‘trick’ our brains into believing that what they initially perceive as difficult is something even necessary and fun. Designer’s block is none other than a normal consequence of perceiving possible new experiences as bad outcomes. Here are our top tips to overcome designer’s block.

designer's block

Overcoming Designer’s Block – Relax, Relax, Relax…

It surely sounds useless at first, but relaxing is the first step towards thinking the way you would want. You can’t focus on the positive aspect of something if both your body and mind are tense. In other words, you feel anxious and nervous, which will automatically lead to making mistakes and becoming afraid. Therefore, start to relax by taking deep breaths each day before going out, for instance. Repeat the process as often as possible. It will release you of a lot of tension. There are countless other ways to relax – listening to music, going for a walk, meeting a friend, and so on. Just relax in your own way at least a few minutes per day!

Working Out Is Priceless

There are a lot of scientific studies that show how doing physical exercises at least half an hour per day has a huge effect on releasing both anxiety and depression. This block of designers frequently causes anxiety and depression, but you can overcome all of them by simply working out. Any type of physical exercise will do as long as you break a sweat – even the simple act of walking a long road. The harder the exercises, the more benefits you’ll get. If you exercise your entire body for at least half an hour per day, you’ll not only overcome designer’s block. You’ll have tons of energy and jump off the bed in the same way in the morning while you’re waiting for a new challenge every day.

Look at the Bright Side

Why would you get scared of experiencing something new when you can look at the bright side by thinking about the benefits? It may sound ridiculous, but let’s put it this way: as long as you live, you accumulate knowledge. Why not accumulate useful information rather than the usual stuff we hear every day? You have the chance to evolve by engaging in a new journey, so go ahead and take a new challenge! Every human being has the ability to learn new things, and he or she can use it totally to his or her own advantage.

Remind yourself of a thing you’ve learned during your life and how you perceived it at first. If you have a driver’s license, for instance, remind yourself about how difficult it seemed for you before driving a car. If you master driving a car now, it means you have already overcome designer’s block. Therefore, nothing stops you from doing it again with something else you perceive as necessary, but you don’t have the courage to act!

Fighting Against the Designer’s Block – Play Solitaire

Solitaire is a simple card game that can nurture your ego and trust in your own abilities. Playing it can become insanely addictive, as the only enemy you’ll have is yourself. The rules are made to induce the player into a pleasant journey where he has to carefully calculate his moves, make decisions according to different situations, build some strategies, and last but not least to not waste too much time. Solitaire will both be training your mind and relaxing it at the same time, and let’s not forget what we wrote earlier about relaxation. Get your hands on FreeCell solitaire which is among the most played games.

We would be delighted to know if you have any other methods of overcoming designer’s block and that we didn’t cover in this article. Feel free to leave us a comment!

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