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5 Psychology-Based Design Tips to Improve Website User Experience

Website developing techniques and marketing skills are not just enough to establish your business on the Internet and achieve your targets. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to learn the talent to attract users and drive sales, i.e. website user experience. Whenever you tend to design a website, your first primacy is to attract customers and subscribers. Often the website designer’s end up having fewer consumers than they desired, and their hard work in developing that website is of no use. This is the result of multiple factors, from unattractive designs to low loading speeds; numerous such aspects derail your website building and success.

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One effective way to advance your business and marketing through high-quality website designs is by focusing on the psychological influences of the users while developing them. Like in every other field of life, the attention and interaction in using websites are also based on the psychological drives of human beings. No matter how advanced the technological world is today, the customer retorts are still triggered by their psychological experiences. So, you should better focus on learning the basic psychological stimuli you can create among users to attract them for performing your desired steps related to your website. You can hire a tuition teacher who can help you understand the basic human psychology and their psychological behavior important to respond to your products and websites.

Here are some psychology-based design tips that you can adopt while developing an ecommerce website to invite consumers and generate sales. Have a look:

Balance or Symmetry

Human psychology tends to notice the event and similar patterns quickly. In many of the usual things and interfaces, people are attracted to an equilibrium and arrangement, and are more likely to get attracted to ordered arrays and displays, and so is the case with the websites.

So, the website developers should focus on designing simplified and attractive symmetrical designs to draw more consumers and low diversion. Because people are usually averted from disorders in their interactions and such people will quickly follow the material presented in a symmetrical or balanced style.

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For example, The Sims, a video game, applied this concept to the application and designed a proportioned website prototype, after trying multiple orderly schemes. As a result of which the website claimed to witness a 128 percent increase in the rate of changes from the response by the consumers.

Colours of Designs to improve website user experience

Psychologists associate different shades of colors to evoke certain types of emotions in humans, like red is said to provoke anger or rage, while shades of yellow are referred to stimulate joy and ecstasy, according to Robert Plutchik. So, along with symmetry, it is a good idea to include an impressive color scheme that can create an appealing impact on customers at the first sight.

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To develop an impressive colorful design, you need to ponder on the partialities of your targeted audience, because the inclinations towards colors differ based on gender, culture, and ethnicity. Like pink color is loved by girls more in comparison to boys. Also, the color scheme of your website design or logo should correspond with the brand that you are marketing to draw the greater audience.

For example, the logo of Coca-Cola is red which articulates the audacious and vigorous brand notion of the company and their products.

Past Experiences

According to Psychology, the incidents of the past certainly affect the present and future behaviors of a person. And so is the case with the higher consumer responses to your website, because it is also sometimes based on the past experiences. They respond to your website or product based on that which they have faced with the similar kind of product before.

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If the customers have had a good experience with similar products like yours, they are more likely to react to your websites and buy the products. However, it is difficult to find out every customer’s past background, for which you can conduct a user-testing experience to deduce a result based on majority opinion.

Loading Speed

Human nature is psychologically more impatient and so, people do not like to incline towards the products and services that are slow in delivery and action respectively. Even if it is an online purchasing, people tend to prefer companies which deliver your products within less time.

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Similarly, the web pages that take longer time while loading is expected to be discarded by the users after a minute maximum. The website designers should, therefore, opt for developing websites that are easily comprehended and have a good, fast loading speed.

Contrasting Effect to increase website user experience

The way the human brain is enticed towards the order or balance in any interaction and layout, it is attracted towards the contrasts or differences in a display in a similar manner. If you want the users to focus on any desired feature of the website, you can create the contrasting effect or design around it.

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For example, if there is a black dot on a white chart paper, people are more likely to notice and focus on the black dot instead of the whole white field. You open the Google webpage several times a day, but not for once even you are drawn to the white field around the colorful alphabets of the word Google. This will not only improve website user experience but also give a new astonishing look to your site.

If you are determined to achieve success through web designing and online businesses, you should consider these psychological factors while developing your websites and to improve the website user experience with your websites, and consequently, for driving more customers and sales to your web pages. So, either help yourselves or look for a good tuition teacher to enhance your knowledge about human psychology to grow your business by being user-friendly. We hope that our article will help in having a basic understanding of the psychology-based design ideas for your projects.

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