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Maria Mincey

Avoid 8 Common Design Goofs To Ensure A Better Website

With a plethora of highly-proficient web development tools and frameworks, it’s not hard to design and develop a website, like it used to be earlier. Most of us understand the significance of a website design. It is the face that represents your business; it not only epitomizes your online presence, but it offers a medium

By Maria Mincey 2014-11-20 0 4,696
Understanding What Makes PHP the Best of its Breed

Orchestrating web applications of the highest order has become an all too pragmatic prospect today. When I say, “apps of highest order”, I refer to the uniqueness, piquancy, and dynamism that have become the characteristics of the web apps. And when we sit down evaluating what has driven us to this power-packed age, names crop

By Maria Mincey 2014-02-14 0 5,983