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Emma Jones

7 Golden Tips To Enhance The Look And Feel Of User Interface Designs

Being a designer, your first wish might be to make any website appealing for the end-users and the next to make that full functional. However, it usually happens that focusing too much on functionality lets you lose the basic interface design. Interface is of prime importance for the end users, so it should be attention

By Emma Jones 2013-03-14 0 4,422
Responsive Web Design: Advantages To Gain And Challenges To Face!

Stats reveal that the mobile-based website hits were 7.12% in August 2011 and the count rose to 11.78% in August 2012. What does it mean? The future would be of Smartphones and most of the internet searches would be made through mobile phones. These are not just facts or realities of future, but the challenges

By Emma Jones 2013-02-20 0 3,795