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How to Create a Hotel Website – Useful Tips

Nowadays the hotel industry is constantly changing, which means that the design of hotel sites should also be radically changed with the help of modern designers. Many hotel owners do not understand how important websites are. However, a key point of business strategy for hotel owners should be the site. On a modern website of any hotel should certainly be described as things that are interesting to the younger generation. Without the right information on how to create a hotel website, your project will seem outdated.

How to Create a Hotel Website

Therefore, it is worth using hotel templates for the design of the site and place on the pages of the website up-to-date information. To stand out among many competitors, your hotel site should be “advanced”. Today we will tell you how to create a hotel website and what factors are worth paying attention to in the first place.

How to Create a Hotel Website – 3 Elements of a Chain of Priorities

Each visitor to your site has a specific purpose. Someone is planning a business trip, others are thinking about organizing a vacation. But something that unites different customers – they all want to stay in a good hotel and live in decent conditions.

How to Create a Hotel Website – Planning

So before you create a hotel site, plan every detail – imagine that you are doing a major overhaul of the premises. Site design is very important because it will create the first impression of your hotel. If you want to know how to create a hotel site that will be effective, remember the three main elements of the “chain of priorities”.

  • Attract – get relevant traffic, working on the convenience of the site and its optimization.
  • Motivate – show your hotel from the best side, making site visitors stay there as long as possible.
  • Convert – turn interested visitors into customers, increasing their direct income.

The hotel industry is very specific, so the creation of the hotel site needs a special, comprehensive approach. Your task – to maintain a balance between visual design, the efficiency of traffic increase and methods to increase conversion.


Creating a hotel website, choose simple colors – a rich and vibrant color scheme is inappropriate here. You can choose one basic color and use its shades. Often the target audience of the hotel site varies depending on the type of institution, and it is worth taking into account when working on the design of the hotel site. Take a look at Radisson Resort at the Port: there is just red and grey used, which looks calm and soothing.

If you create a site for a hostel, you can use bright colors and more daring design solutions. If the site is designed for a large hotel, the design should be closer to the classics: a lot of stylish photos, quiet colors and classic design here more than ever appropriate.

How to Create a Hotel Website – Functionality

Are you familiar with situations where you could not perform standard user actions on any site? It is unlikely that you liked such sites. If visitors can not find on the site what they need, beautiful design, harmonious color schemes, and cute buttons will not save you. People will not use the site if it is simply difficult.

How to Create a Hotel Website – 6 Design Mistakes to Be Avoided

Hotel Website

Your hotel’s website can be a major source of continuous revenue growth and attracting new customers. Nowadays, many hotel owners make changes to their sites: someone improves the existing portal a little, someone creates a site from scratch. If you also plan to work on the hotel site, we offer you information about the most frequent “crimes” that are committed by developers of such websites.

#1 Difficult Room Reservation Process

The simpler the booking process, the more customers you will have. The function of booking a room must be as simple as possible for users. The customer probably wants to know how many steps the booking process involves and at what stage they are now – give them that option! To make the booking process truly effective, you need to know the answers to a few questions: how long does it take to book a room on your website? How many customers have been unable to complete their reservations for certain reasons? At what stage of the booking process do customers leave the site most often?

#2 Difficulty of Finding the Hotel Address and Contact Information

Developers of hotel sites for some reason very often hide information about the location of the institution for tiny links at the bottom of the homepage or somewhere deep in the site. Contact information with an interactive map and travel map (not only traffic interchanges but also nearby shopping malls, shops, etc…) should be available, no matter what page the customer is on.

#3 Slowly Uploading Bad Quality Images

Visitors to your site will surely want to see what the hotel looks like inside and out. So the site should have a gallery of images available from any page on the site. Of course, the pictures should be professional and modern to fully demonstrate your hotel and make a good impression on your guests.

#4 Outdated and Irrelevant Information

Your customers will search for the latest information about your hotel and your services. Do not overload the site with large amounts of unnecessary information. Outdated information, of course, on the site too, nothing. Just imagine what the client will think about the site, which in March still has information about Christmas discounts.

#5 Lack of Mobile Version

As mentioned above, the future belongs to sites adapted to mobile devices. More and more people are using the mobile internet every day, so make sure that your site looks right on any screen.

#6 Bad Navigation – How to Create a Hotel Website

While working on hotel website design and content, you can be as creative as you can be, but it is still better to adhere to generally accepted standards when developing navigation. Place links where users expect to see them. Visitors often go through three levels of navigation before finding the information they need.

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