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5 Best Ways to Find Web Development Jobs Online

Description: It doesn’t matter where you started to practice web developing – getting a job is an uphill task. You might be confident of having the skills needed, but you have to let that sink in on the hiring team. First, it is imperative to understand what this profession is. A layman definition for web development is the process of taking layouts and plans made by web designers and turning them into websites. Landing on the perfect job isn’t easy. You might have to search over long periods and be patient. Luckily, there are jobs for grant writers today and more other openings. As for web developers, this guide will give you a sneak peek on how to find web development jobs online.

Landing a Web Development Job

how to find web development jobs online

The best part about landing a web development job is the experience you’ll get. Aside from the massive chunks of money, you will be earning, your skills and expertise will also increase due to the experience working with professionals in the industry. It will also uncover the side of web development you don’t see when studying, which is the financial aspect.

There is absolutely no reason why you should come up with a product no one will be interested in, and understanding customer needs takes time. Here are a few tips on how to find a job for beginners in web developing:

Gain Valuable Experience First

No one is going to hire someone who doesn’t have the right experience, not only in web development but for any other job. Many may argue that it is impossible to gain experience if you are not employed. While this might be true to some extent, it is not entirely correct. Especially for web developers, you can quickly get openings to put your skills to test. Sometimes you have to volunteer so that you get the experience needed.

Take advantage of the various volunteer-run groups to add some good projects to your portfolio. Even if you’re not getting paid for them at that moment, you will yield the fruits in the future. Take it as a seed, the day you plant is not the day you reap. Volunteering is a win-win situation because you gain experience while giving back to society.

Find Web Development Jobs Online Through Freelancing

great web development tools 2019

Just like writing, you can be a freelancer in web development. You don’t have to wait for employment opportunities created by different companies for you to get your career moving. In this niche, it is easier to find web development jobs online as a freelancer than going from one office to the other. Aside from earning some extra cash, freelance gigs build your portfolio and credibility so that your chances of getting hired by firms is high. There are numerous sites to start with, including top ones like Fiverr and Upwork that have ad-hoc web-based projects.

With your experience on such sites, you are better placed from the competition and can easily approach local companies for consideration. As a freelancer, you can also take advantage of the open-source projects to build your CV. These are source codes readily available in public for modification by anyone. They are ideal for new developers to take part in as they help you put your skills to test. It also allows you to work in unison with other developers and share ideas. GitHub is one great place to find such projects and get to work.

To convince the employer, you are the right match for a job means going out of your way, and learning new ideas. And what better place to do this than through freelancing?

Create a Plan

web hosting plans

When searching for a job, you must have encountered a segment where there are minimum requirements. After you have read all the conditions, you need to come up with a carefully scripted plan for getting the job. You have to meet the set requirements and if possible, learn how to do so. To begin with, you must make sure that you have the basics for web development. Some of the basics to have at your fingertip include

  • Vision control. Every software company will need you to have this skill. It is a system that helps developers to save files for future reference.
  • HTML & CSS. These are the building blocks used for most, if not all, of the websites. You have to get a deep understanding of the two if you want to land on a job quickly. You can take advantage of the numerous free resources to learn.
  • JavaScript. About 95% of websites use this as the primary language. Web developers use this tool to transform static sites into fully interactive ones. It is an integral part of modern websites and won’t miss as a requirement when you find web development jobs online. It is, therefore, essential to be good at JavaScript.

Use Job Portals

content make a resume website

If you are stuck and wondering how to find web development jobs online, then here’s an answer for you – job portals. There are vast spaces to find web development jobs online and most of which have site addresses online. Here are a few of the most popular portals to use in your job hunting:

  • Smashing jobs.
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub.
  • Codeity.
  • Indeed.
  • Glassdoor.

However, as much as the internet is the best place to find web development jobs online, don’t ignore offline opportunities. Use your friends and any other contacts you have to research available job positions. As you do this, make sure that your CV and portfolio is perfectly prepared so that you have a firm foundation when called for an interview.

Find Web Development Jobs Online Through Networking

SEO for web developers

When you meet new people, who have a direct link to your career, you are better-placed getting a job. Especially in the web development world, networking is essential. It acts as an avenue for mentorship, support, exchange, and new opportunities for a web developer. When you have a robust network surrounding you, you will open up more doors to the professional sector.

As a beginner, take pride in the many seminars, workshops, and any other gatherings themed under web development. You don’t know who you might meet in such forums and how they may impact your career. If you are wholly new in the industry, this might not be easy for you, but you can still do it. There are several ways to meet the right people without feeling like you are networking.

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