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Upcoming Web Design Trends in 2022

Keeping up with the fluidity trends hold in every aspect of life that is even remotely artistic can feel overly competitive and rushed, but as far as trends go web design trends are something to be savored since they have changed so much in the past decade. Keeping with the times means whatever you create stays fresh and maybe even becomes unorthodox in a positive way. Being a designer means you are the one who shapes what people see when going on the web. Looks have high value when using a website, interface, and so on.


These trends influence the interfaces you use, the websites you design, the physical objects you may create, and even other designers. The pressure to remain modern is high thanks to the high interaction designers’ designs perceive. Even the frontend development team is working hard to follow the best practices and putting efforts to follow the trends of your website. Thanks to this era of futuristic technology and the habits we see in people, there is much to play with from the side of design. Design is no question a good career path in technology, and this article will convince you to agree since we will be discussing the best upcoming trends in web design.

Before we look at the trends individually, it is worth mentioning that 80s and 90s styles have been brought back from the grave through bright-colored backgrounds and robotic typefaces, but we’ll get into that later. Typography and live animation has also been seeing a rebirth, underlining how diverse our interfaces are to become this year and in the upcoming years. The beauty lies in the self-expression of a company, organization, or individual using their digital presence.

Web Design Trends 2022 – Memphis Style

Memphis style is reminiscent of the 1980s era of color. It is characterized by chaotic patterns, shapes, and bright colors being combined into abstract yet playful backdrops. In design as of this year, minimalism has been taking most interfaces by a storm which has led to most of them feeling quite uniform, or even boring. Memphis style is doing the exact opposite, offering an adventurous take on functionality and gaudiness.

This is one of the best styles for catching the viewer’s eye, allowing their gaze to travel around the area to take it all in, meaning users feel more comfortable exploring the website or anything they are viewing. We’ve been recently seeing the past being used as inspiration in web design, rather than the stripped minimalism, and Memphis is just another underlining example of that.

Blaring Typography

Big bold letters stating a headline that is representative of a fact, motto, or sentiment relating to the organization are what this new trend is all about. It uses this heroic layout and these representative words to solely carry the weight of its meaning, without any images for the viewer to see.

Simple yet captivating, there are still details to tweak when using typography for your web design. The first thing is whether the formatting will change depending on the device, whether you should use animations, and so on. With typography, you can use all kinds of type effects, characters (even mixed ones), colors, fill layers, and so on.

In-your-face Pointers

The only time you will notice this trend is when you engage with a website that uses this trend, which involves big pointers and big hovers through its UI design. They communicate where your mouse is hovering, small info, and so on.

Confident Borders

By confident, we mean visible. Another trend you can start noticing in web design is a border that shows itself to you in all its glory. The reason this is very enjoyable is that it is so fresh. It portrays the grid that is a basis of a website and reveals its foundations of it, so no more floating digital content. This trend also makes a digital space easier to navigate thanks to the lanes it has.

Web Design Trends 2022 – Interactivity

Typefaces and animations aren’t only meant to be pretty or bold anymore, but also interactive for the user. Most websites using this trend make users take a new path when exploring their space, rather than the mediocre scrolling sensation.

Transitions, user movement, character animations, and so on are all part of what adds to the user experience by making them feel like a part of the story, encouraging them to engage more and enjoy your digital space. The main thing to consider with interactive elements is their clear comprehension throughout the motions, since sending your message across is what’s most important.


Web designers are working on adding more diversity to online spaces, representing a more common generational difference in workplaces. The method falls into imagery, words, and alt text is for including an array of types of people varying in gender, culture, race, age, ability, sexuality, and so on.

Brutalism and Beyond

Lately, we’ve been seeing neo-brutalist styles in the design through raw and stripped textures, colors, and shapes. It often includes unstyled HTML, asymmetry, and minimalism paired with the slightest flavor of brutalism reminiscent of the 50s-70s. Examples of this present themselves with concrete-textured or cement-colored background and bold blocky letters giving the design a feeling of barbed wire running across the background.

Fancy Scrolling

With animations and interactivity comes scrolling through the webpage. Designers are finally making the scrolling experience less monotone by taking users on a journey by adding new elements to these animations like making them psychedelic or having them break through the third and fourth dimensions.

This can be done by making the scrolling seem like the user is traveling through a tunnel, sideways through a story, having something slither while scrolling, and so on. It is the era of creativity and this trend really shows the potential web designers have within them if left to their own tools.

The Layers of a Cake

Layering has been used often lately, with merging, stacking, and overlapping different elements within a scene, creating a feeling of depth and highlighting certain important elements in a lowkey manner.

Web Design Trends 2022 – Conclusion

This year is off to a strong start from the artistic minds of designers and it doesn’t show much sign of stopping. We might be on the path to having renaissance-style websites soon, either way, we are finally seeing diversity in styles. Not only are the users having fun, but also every professional web design agency & every designer, and this dynamic should remain.

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