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Email Marketing Trends 2016: Predictions For the New Year

Trends in the email marketing are changing rapidly with the advancements in the techniques that are now in practice. Moreover, email marketing has always been leading the charts as the medium of communication. As the foremost conversation medium between the service providers and the subscribers, email marketing has remained the king in providing the related business news to the clients.

Marketing practices for sending emails have now been updated with the changing metrics that are being introduced now and then. With the vision of changing these practices in the future for better return on investment; here is a quick guide to make you aware of the upcoming email marketing trends and techniques 2016 in the practice.

Targeting Clients with User-Oriented Content

Content has always remained an important part of emails and this factor is going to make its place more prominent in the future. Now, there is a great hype about creating user-centric content in comparison with branded content. Service providers today have the opportunity to post the content online for their product or related services in a such a manner that it seems engaging as well as user-oriented piece of write-up.

Remember, if users feel the sense of belongingness after reading the content, they are sure to react on the same.

Urge for Transparency in the Services

As the world is going more digital every single day, clients today wish to have transparency in the brand-customer relationship. Because of the reason, this trend is going to make its prominent mark in the email marketing trends.

The trend has already made its mark in the industry as more and more companies are taking it as a responsibility to make their users aware of the services endorsed by them. As users love to establish transparent relation with the service providers, they can make the best profits by providing required information to the clients.

Email marketing trends 2016 - personalized email user experience

Email Personalization Playing the Prominent Role

Personalizing the emails for the clients is growing like never before and today’s busy customers are only going to consider the emails from service providers only if it seems a profitable business to them.

Personalization refers to directing emails to the subscribers by providing related information to them in a constant way. The job can easily be accomplished by tracking the social behavior of the clients and then preparing the mails to satisfy their related needs.

Adoption of Responsive Techniques

Smartphones have become the lifeline of people today and thus, it makes sense to optimize emails for phones by including the responsive techniques. As users are now frequently checking their mails on smartphones, it is, thus, essential to include responsive technique to make the task an easier one for the subscribers.

Including the responsive technique will promise for better scalability of the emails over the mobile phones in addition to providing better viewing experiences to the clients. The percentage of the emails being opened over smartphones is constantly increasing and therefore, it is now prominent to include the responsive approach with the emails.

Use of Wearable Technology

Email marketing trends 2016 - wearable technology

Wearable technology is going to mark its significant presence in the years to come. As people are liking the approach, email marketers are now searching for new and better ways to innovate unique wearable designs for the clients.

The trend has already revolutionized in the industry; however, it is expected to grow more and more in the years to come. The technique is going to make the subscribers the true winner apart from providing huge benefits to the service providers as well.

The Verdict

Email marketing trends have always been changing with the interest of the users and the approaches that are making their mark in the industry. With the change in the trend, the metrics that have been discussed here are going to survive in the industry for the years to come. These approaches will also help to generate user-centric services.

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