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Website Designer vs Drag & Drop Website Builder

We all love simple website builders, right? Many of them offer super features and usability. After a short while, WordPress and other similar systems gained popularity like exponentially. Now, every normal man can build his own website without any problem. With the introduction of Drag and Drop Themes, it became super easy and sleek to design and build your own website without help of website designer.

Now, things are pretty odd for a website designer. The majority of people anticipated that now the career of a web designer is in oblivion. Is it really that harsh? Many still can’t believe that designer’s careers are finished. Allow me to speak.

No, there is nothing finished. Nothing is dead or dying. It is just evolving. The major reason for such worry is that people are themselves capable of designing a website without knowing any coding or anything technical. So, here’s the thing, you need to think thoroughly. Are people designing the initial design of their website right?

Will you feel better if I say that a blacksmith made a sword with a hammer? Which one is talented and skilled? Is it the hammer or the blacksmith?

My basic point is that people start thinking that the introduction of a powerful tool will knuckle down the entire race of skilled designer! Well, that’s pretty wrong assumption. With a powerful weapon, comes a powerful warrior. That should be your thinking if you’re also a designer like me. Allow me to explain how Drag and Drop will or will not ruin your career.

People may still need a website designer for the coding

Yes, people will always need web designers for the coding part and they always will need them to do that part. A drag and drop theme will definitely give you ample of options to design and customize your website but still, there could many things which cannot be accomplished without tweaking codes, and this depends on a website builder that you are using.

As there are many powerful themes that give you in-depth approach to design and customize your website. Yet, if it is not a very user-friendly website builder, a normal person will not get into those depths of customization where a website designer can reach. This makes him an important asset to unlock those features. But if a user chooses a user-friendly platform like MotoCMS, that chances for web designers are pretty low.


No Uniqueness in the design

This is the factor that really supports web designers a lot. If you’re using a drag and drop theme, in spite of being paid version, this theme will not offer you anything unique.

This makes web designer more secure than ever. No matter how expensive your theme is. You’ll always need a web designer to make it unique.

Some website builders provide really unique professionally-designed themes of premium quality, so they look not worse than custom designs.

website designer work

The website becomes slow which can cause trouble

The drag and drop builders are builds by heavy CSS and JS codes that take time to load when it comes to speed. Adding more features end up in being a super heavy website.

These websites may have the looks to attract customer, but we’re forgetting that no one is going to wait for more than three seconds for loading your website. If it didn’t load in three seconds, you will definitely lose a visitor. Then what is the point of making a visually attractive website if no one is looking? See, you cannot replace a website designer as he will facilitate you and your website’s heavy CSS, HTML and JS elements to take less space than intended. This is something a drag and drop builder certainly cannot do that. BUT be aware of website building solutions that are really fast and well-optimized.

Search Engine Rankings will affect

If your website is slow, do you think you will rank higher in the SERPs? Obviously not. Not just speed issue fellas, it is about some design elements which need to be modified in order to have a good SEO ranking and this is a thing a website designer can do (if he has knowledge of SEO; Experienced web designer tend to have ample of knowledge of SEO).

Wrapping it up

My major point is not to glorify a website designer and poke drag and drop builders. My main aim is just to make all of you aware of the fact that web designers have no fear from the drag and drop builders. In spite of that, they need to work together with each other to expand the realm of designing.

This article is written by Alana Berge. She is a Web Designer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Awebstar, offering affordable Web Designing services in Singapore. Alana helps in designing web pages for all type of business websites. She is always grinding away on something web design related. Reach out to her on Facebook.
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