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Top 5 Cheap Residential Proxies Providers in 2023-24

Are you looking forward to having residential proxies with affordable price ranges? Yes, you have landed in the right place then. Even though the residential proxies are affordable, you can’t question their performance. Moreover, choosing one is the best thing you can do.

So, what are the cheap residential proxies? There are a few reliable proxies out there that are cheap. Among them, Bright Data, IP Royal, Infatica, Smart Proxy, and Social Proxy are the key names we should mention. The proxies are face and ensure optimal convenience when it comes to using them.

Here in this blog, we will share all the proxies you can afford. You will know everything about the proxies so you can easily decide what to choose in which scenario.

What Is a Residential Proxy?Benefits of Proxy Servers

A residential proxy is a proxy network that allows users to browse the internet using an IP address that is not directly associated with the users. Moreover, the residential proxy networks use the IP address of the real people provided by the Internet Service Provider (IPS).

Usually, there are a good number of sellers who provide residential proxies. So, if you need to use residential proxies, you must start with any of the proxy providers. The most significant benefit of residential proxies is they act like a real IP address.

For this, even if your location is restricted from visiting any websites, no matter the reason, you can still do so with the help of residential proxies.

Why Use Residential Proxies?

You might want to use the residential proxies for many reasons. Residential proxies will allow you to visit or enter any website, denying the restrictions. Besides, in the case of website scraping, residential proxies have a huge role to play.

The type of proxy will allow you to have the anonymity you want when it comes to browsing the internet. Beyond that, in the case of social media marketing, the residential proxy also comes in. Depending on your purpose, you should use the residential proxies according to that.

Sometimes, you might just need to hide your IP address, and that’s the key reason behind using residential proxies. We hope you have this very clear.

Best Cheap Residential Proxies Providers

Here, we haven’t picked some random residential proxy providers. Rather, we will highlight the top-notch proxy providers with impressive affordability. Now, let’s have a look at the residential proxy providers.


Having been in the industry for over 9 years and serving more than 500,000 satisfied customers, Proxy-Seller is a reputable leader. We consistently update our services to align with industry standards and cherish our enduring relationships with clients.

The company’s servers are used by various audiences and niches, ranging from SMM promotion, SEO optimization, to stabilizing connections to online games for botting purposes.

Proxy-Seller has garnered a favorable reputation, achieving an average Trustpilot rating of 4.5 stars as per customer feedback.

Use the coupon code “WEBKIT” for a 15% discount on IPv4, IPv6, and ISP proxies, and for a 10% discount on Residential and Mobile proxies.


-Over 220 GEO locations.
-Support for protocols: HTTP(S)/SOCKS5.
-24/7/365 technical support.
-Prices start at $0.7 per IP, with automatic discounts based on the number of IPs and rental period of up to 57%
-Exclusive offers every week in our Telegram channel.
-Mobile panel for creating your own proxy farm.

Let’s take a look at Residential proxies now!

Pay As Go – 1GB – $7
Per Month – 3GB – $18
Per Month – 10GB – $50
Per Month – 25GB – $120
Per Month – 50GB – $235
Per Month – 100GB – $450

If you’re seeking a better price and more GBs, don’t hesitate to contact Proxy-Seller for an individual plan option.

Bright Data

Bright Data is undoubtedly the name if you are looking for the best residential proxy provider in the town. But why? Well, the proxies provider has been in operation since 2016. The most stunning fact regarding choosing Bright Data is that the proxy providers have more than 350 million unique IP addresses.

On top of that, it doesn’t matter what country you want to choose or what ZIP code; you will find Bright Data is a decent solution.

The impressive success rate of 99.9% makes it even more choosable for many people and businesses. No matter what your usage cases are, you will find Bright Data suitable for that. Plus, the 24/7 customer support is always there.

Here are some of the key features of Bright Data!

  • Work with popular programming languages.
  • Largest Geographical coverage.
  • Easy and smooth integration.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Meet compliance standards 100%.
  • Premium SLA.

Now, let’s look at the pricing table of Bright Data residential proxies!

Types of Plans  Pricing  Traffic Limit
Pay As You Go $10.50/GB
Growth $500 $8.04/GB 62 GB
Business $1000 $7.09/GB 142 GB
Enterprise Custom Custom Custom

IP Royal

This is another top-notch residential proxies provider. IP Royal allows businesses and people to have absolute security and ease when it comes to using residential proxies. In addition, you can target 195 countries using residential proxies with the help of IP Royal. This simply showcases its reach.

Besides, IP Royal has created the stage for users to have over 2 million unique IP addresses. So, when it comes to the rotation of IP addresses, you will find IP Royal super efficient. Beyond that, IP Royal allows you to have non-expired traffic within a cheap price range.

Here, you can check some of the key features of IP Royal!

  • Easy to navigate and use.
  • 99.7% success rates.
  • Come with strict sessions.
  • Ultimate SOCKS5 supported.
  • Flexible rotation options with accuracy.

Now, the pricing of the IP Royal residential proxies depends on the amount of traffic you want. For example, you want to have 100 GB of traffic. In this case, you have to pay IP Royal $455. You are always welcome to customize your plan based on your needs by visiting IP Royal’s pricing page.


Infatica can be one of the most prominent options for choosing the best residential proxy provider. The particular proxies provider will give you all you want to find. 10 million IP addresses worldwide simply showcase the capability of the residential proxy provider.

Apart from these, Infatcia has a huge reputation for delivering high-speed real IP addresses around the globe. You should choose the plan based on the needs of your business. Besides, the user-friendly dashboard of Linfatica makes it even more convenient for the users to go with.

Down below are some of the exciting features of Infatica!

  • 100% brand protection.
  • Impressive customization options.
  • Allows users to talk to experts.
  • Allows free trial.
  • 99.9% uptime with quality performance.

Now, in the case of pricing, you need to pay $96 to $1 per GB of traffic you use. As we mentioned, going with the customizing option is best, as pay-to-business is available.

Smart Proxy

Here comes another reliable and cheap residential proxy provider. Smart Proxy has been around with their operation for a long time and has a broad reach of 195 countries. On top of that, Smart Proxy has more than 2 million IP addresses in its collection. And this means the proxy provider is super convenient.

Additionally, the proxy provider allows the users to have the luxury of accessing 911 proxies. Plus, you can have real IP addresses that can play a vital role in letting you access the internet, no matter where you are and what website you want to visit.

The impressive uptime and mind-blowing customer support make Smart Proxy even more acceptable. Besides, the auto-rotating and switching features are other vital reasons why people or businesses often go with Smart Proxy.

Here, you can check some of the other fascinating factors of Smart Proxy!

  • Customized duration.
  • Unlimited sessions.
  • It can be used in a bunch of usage cases.
  • Easy to use.

Smart Proxy allows you to choose the customization pricing options. So it is better if you can determine the needs of your business and select the most affordable plan. For example, you can purchase 100 IPs with only $0.12.

Social Proxy

You can go with Social Proxy which is a cheap but reliable residential proxy provider. With millions of unique IP addresses, Social Proxy has made its mark when it comes to purchasing residential proxies, no matter what purpose.

The proxy provider is 100% compliant, meaning you can use its residential proxies without any worries. Besides, the 99/9% uptime makes Social Proxy even more effective. In addition, it allows unlimited concurrent requests, which is very significant in cheap pricing.

Here, you can see some of the other aspects of Social Proxy!

  • 99.9% success rate.
  • Advanced targeting options.
  • Super fast response time.
  • SOCKS5 Protocol with Proxy Manager.
  • User-Friendly Control Panel & API.

Social Proxy also has customizable pricing options. You need to pay $0.04 per residential IP address you use.

Final Thoughts

Now, you are in a position where you can choose the cheap residential proxies provider you want. So, take your time, determine your needs and choose the proxy provider you find best suits your demands. We recommend you go with the free trial if available before moving to the paid plan.

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