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6 Handy Tips on Choosing the Right Font for Your Logo

A font can either make or break your logo design. With so many options available, it has become quite challenging to find the right font for your logo. If you’ve been struggling in finding the most appropriate typography for your logo design, this is the blog you must read. Here, I’m offering you six handy tips that will aid you in finding the right font for your logo.

6 Handy Tips on Choosing the Right Font for Your Logo

I understand that choosing a typeface is similar to choosing the right outfit. Just like apparels, you may find yourself confused in choosing the right typeface from a variety of styles available in the market. So, without keeping you waiting for any longer now, let me make you familiar with the six best tips that’ll help you choose the best and highly suited typeface for your logo design.

Tip #1 Identify the message that the logo needs to convey to the visitors

6 Handy Tips on Choosing the Right Font for Your Logo

The type of font you use in your logo plays a crucial role in helping the brand connect with the customers. It is crucial for you to identity the target audience of the company; you’ve designed the logo for. Make sure to analyze the kind of impression your client wants to create on his/her visitors. This will aid you in determining the typeface that would work as a perfect fit for the brand’s logo.

Tip #2 Detect a typeface that embodies the company’s brand

6 Handy Tips on Choosing the Right Font for Your Logo

Once you’re familiar with the brand’s business message, invest your efforts into finding a typeface that embodies the brand. If you’re required to detect a font for a corporate brand like law or bank, you may choose the Serif font. Likewise, Sans Serif works best for technology firms and food/retail company websites look perfect with a logo built using Comic Sans font.

Tip #3 Check for authenticity of the font

Although, this is the tip that should go without saying, but I’ve preferred to mention it within my list. It is recommended to opt for a logo that can be easily read by everyone who looks at it. There are fonts that are not only difficult to read but too bulky as well, making the website slower. Make sure to stay away from such fonts as they tend to convey a wrong message to the site visitors.

Tip #4 Consider all the mediums your logo will be displayed on

6 Handy Tips on Choosing the Right Font for Your Logo

Different logos appear differently on a variety of devices. You need to check whether the font you’ve chosen for your logo looks perfect on all the devices it’s been viewed on. Make sure the font chosen for the logo makes it look great on smartphones, iPads, iPhones, desktops, laptops etc. Just beyond

making sure your font is legitimate, you need to pay special attention towards ensuring that the logo built using the chosen font looks amazing no matter which device is being used for accessing the website that contains it.

Tip #5 Stylize the font as per your preferences

It’s not a great idea to fetch a font and use it right away on your logo design. You can always do some styling to the chosen font and improve its appearance to suit your specific preferences. You may choose to add colors to the chosen font for making it an apt promotional material for your client. Specific stylistic elements such as strokes, drop shadows, gradients and beveling can be chosen for styling a font.

Tip #6 Check whether the typeface matches the overall design

If you’ve made up your mind for choosing a particular typeface, make sure to check whether the same is in sync with the overall design. It shouldn’t be the case that the font which you’ve chosen is entirely different from the logo’s original design. There shouldn’t be any disparity between the logo’s theme and the font used in it.

Wrapping It All Up!

Hope you’d appreciate the tips provided by me. As a keen logo designer, I myself have followed these tips and trust me, I’ve excelled in my profession. So, be careful in choosing a font for your logo and reinforce the message in the overall design. This will not only help your client gain maximum customer attention but will even render you the joy of having delivered an amazing logo.
Do you know of some other trick for selecting the right typefaces for logos? If yes, do share the details using the comments box below. Also, don’t forget to drop in your feedback for my post. I’ll be looking forward to receive your expert opinion on my write-up.

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