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Starting a Business Online – All You Need in One Startup Pack

Are you an ambitious web designer who dreams of starting a business as a freelancer? Your wish is quite understandable. Frankly speaking, hardly there’s a person who doesn’t want to be his own boss. You don’t have to get up early in the morning and rush to your office. There are no tiresome staff conferences and nobody shouts at you if your project doesn’t meet the deadline.

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However, the reality may turn out not so attractive as your dreams are. Starting a business on your own brings not only freedom but much additional work you’ve never done before. Since you become your own boss, you’re responsible for every aspect of running your business. There’ll be no one to blame if anything goes wrong except yourself. Are you emotionally ready for such a challenge? Then, let’s move on.

5 Useful Tips for Starting a Business as a Freelancer

No one says that starting a business as a freelancer is as easy as ABC. Nevertheless, there’s nothing impossible for a person with a really strong desire. “Where there is a will, there is a way”, they say. Of course, just a desire itself won’t work wonders without at least the basic knowledge. That’s why we decided to give you a helping hand and offer several hints on starting a business as a freelance web designer.

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Decide on Your Brand

Before starting a business as a freelancer, try to clearly define your final purpose. Do you plan to work on your own forever or turn yourself into a web design studio after a little while? Do you want clients to perceive you as an individual or a young company? The answer to this question will help you think of a suitable name for your brand.

On the one hand, if you’re a “solo artist” it’s a wise thing to use your own name as a brand. In this way, you’ll give your brand a kind of personal touch. On the other hand, a more general name will work better in case your business grows into an art studio.

Think of the Ways to Find Clients

Perhaps, finding new clients is one of the greatest challenges you’ll face starting a business as a freelancer. There are two main solutions here. Firstly, you can try finding clients via freelance job websites or connect with them using social media channels, for instance, LinkedIn. However, this way may appear too time-consuming and not too effective.

Secondly, you can start acting by searching for local small businesses without an online presence. As usual, going door-to-door and cold calling performs better than sitting and waiting for your prospects online.

Create an Eye-Catching Online Portfolio

As soon as you find the first clients they’ll be eager to see your works. Consequently, an online portfolio is a must-have for anyone starting a business as a freelancer.

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Possibly, you’re just a beginner and haven’t done any breathtaking projects yet. It’s not a problem. Start right now. Do some work for free for a local non-profit organization or school. Alongside their gratitude, you’ll get both useful experience and the projects to showcase your skill.

Define the Price of Your Services

It goes without saying that starting a business you intend it to be profitable. This means that you should define how much to charge.

First and foremost, decide if you want to be paid for the final product or on an hourly basis. Then study the pricing among your competitors to come up with a reasonable price. In fact, the price of your services should be neither too high nor too low. It should make your clients say “Yes” but at the same time not look suspiciously cheap.

Wisely Schedule Your Daily Routine

Even though you’ll work from home, learn planning your days in detail to get the most out of them.

Find out your most productive hours and devote them to the hardest part of your work. Plan time for making phone calls and answering e-mails. Include some time for personal meetings with your clients. Believe, if you stick to a similar schedule daily it will considerably lighten your work.

Certainly, everything mentioned above is really important for starting a business as a freelance designer. However, there’s one more thing you won’t be able to do without. And here it is.

All-in-One Solution for Your Successful Start

It’s quite obvious that being a web designer you need an “online working place”. In other words, you should have everything for your effective online presence. MotoCMS Startup Bundle is your lucky chance of getting all and at once. To tell the truth, their offer is a real treasure if you want to create startup website as a freelancer.

This unique pack from MotoCMS includes eleven web design items capable of taking your business to the top. The best thing is that you can get them at the incredibly low price of just $99! This means more than 80% off the usual cost. (Actually, the total regular price of the elements is $523.) Hardly have you ever come across such a bargain in your life. Are you anxious to know what’s inside?

AllyEvent Landing Page Template

Remember we’ve mentioned the importance of an eye-catching online portfolio? AllyEvent landing page template is able not only to provide you with an online presence. It’s a simple way to showcase your best projects and transform your prospects into clients.

AllyEvent Landing Page Template

To begin with, this theme is 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible. Responsiveness is really important nowadays. Therefore it will perform well in all browsers and look awesome on any modern device. Next, you don’t have to know a single line of coding to customize it according to your requirements. Then, a convenient admin panel contains each and every element necessary for creating a highly-functional landing page. Finally, you’ll constantly get free regular updates available via one-click right inside your admin panel.

Evolution Business Website Template

Whereas a landing page is a perfect solution for your online portfolio, any web designer still needs a fully-functional website for starting a business. That’s why the MotoCMS pack includes Evolution Business Website Template.

Evolution Business Website Template

Evolution is a gorgeous universal business theme highly popular among MotoCMS customers. Thanks to its breathtaking cosmic design it grabs your attention at the first sight. However, the attractive look is only the first advantage among the variety the theme possesses.

Firstly, the template comes with 6 child and 16 pre-made pages. In fact, you get almost a ready-to-use website. Secondly, it won’t take you long to build your future website using 120 ready-made blocks and a powerful Block Editor. Thirdly, a wide collection of the fascinating widgets will help you add any imaginable functionality to your website.

10 Business Logo Templates

Starting a business as a freelance web designer is impossible until you have your unique logo. Haven’t you designed one yet? If no, you’ll easily do it with the bundle of 10 business logo templates.

MotoCMS Logo Templates for starting a business

The templates are simply editable resizable vector files available in 6 formats: AI, JPG, EPS, PDF, SVG, and PSD. You’ll be able to change almost anything in their pre-made design using either Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

30 PSD Web Banners

Undoubtedly, one of the primary tasks of a freelancer is the promotion of his services. This is where the banner set for AdWords will suit perfectly.

MotoCMS Web Banners

The bundle contains 3 sets of professionally-designed Google AdWords Banners (10 banners per set). Each banner is a PSD file that is completely editable and meets all Google requirements for advertising.

Social Media Pack

Perhaps, nowadays there’s no need to explain the power of social media when it comes to business promotion. It’s quite obvious that as soon as your website is complete you’ll take steps to promote it via social media channels.

The ultimate social media pack is a part of the MotoCMS Startup Bundle. It’ll give you an opportunity of telling the whole world about your work.

Free Installation and 1 Year Hosting

Maybe, “free” is one of the sweetest words in the business world. And here it is! As a rule, installation of any theme costs $49 whereas 1-year hosting is available for $27. MotoCMS Startup Bundle includes free installation for both landing page and business theme as well as free 1-year hosting. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Other Useful Constituents

There are some more useful components that the MotoCMS Startup Bundle includes.

  • Ecommerce Plugin enables you to create a fully-functional online store without any additional software.
  • Page Speed Booster allows optimizing the images to increase your website loading speed.
  • SEO Audit Service offers a complete analysis of your website SEO performance as well as recommendations for its improvement.
  • White Label License lets you build your own brand not mentioning of MotoCMS.

So, don’t miss such a lucky chance. Take an advantage of the MotoCMS Bundle and use our hints on starting a business as a freelance web designer. Take a deep breath and take a step towards your successful future.

Roxxe Beauty Salon WooCommerce Theme

Online shopping is must-have in this day and age, so developing a store online is easy with the Roxxe WordPress theme. This theme will come in handy to the beauty center owners or Korean cosmetics shops. It’s based on Elementor builder which contains dozens of widgets for creating infinite functionality on the website. At the same time, it works in combination with the WooCommerce plugin that comes with the whole pack of elements for a shop:

  • Product and Single product page,
  • Wishlist,
  • Shopping cart, etc.

Roxxe theme is fully responsive and SEO friendly, so your eCommerce website will look brilliant on any device with an adaptive appeal. Create your custom header and footer and fill them with the informative widgets. Finally, make a mega menu to promote your bestsellers and increase the store usability in times. Forget about any coding skills while website building and wait for new skins very soon.

Vendy Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion

Vendy Fashion Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Are you searching for a new eCommerce design? What about a fresh full-value Shopify theme? Then meet Vendy! It’s a clean responsive theme packed with several ready-made homepages for fashion. Using it you will quickly create an online store for selling clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Or, feel free to implement Vendy the way you want, as its multipurpose design will be useful in many projects. With this Shopify theme, you can promote anything and attract new clients every day. To do this, you shouldn’t be tech-savvy, as Vendy is perfect for code-free store customization. Plus, it goes with several helpful features. And, in the well-commented documentation, you will find out how to edit pre-made layouts, change section size, add product descriptions, and more.  Luckily, the Vendy Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion goes with ready-to-use:

  • Homepage layouts;
  • Listing pages;
  • Product pages;
  • About Us pages
  • Lookbook pages;
  • Collections pages;
  • newsletter pop-ups.

So, boost your eCommerce business with Vendy!

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