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Six Logo Design Tips for a Creative and Timeless Logo

Logo designing is not that an easy job as many people think. There are many people who think that the job of logo designing is only mixing of different colors, designs, and using different fonts together. But they perhaps do not know that logo is the identity of a brand and it plays the key role in brand promotion and brand marketing. Therefore, logo designing needs lots of thinking and planning so that it can reflect the image of the brand and tell the target customers about the products and the services they offer. Logo designing needs lots of time and creativity and hard work and only the professional logo designers can do the job successfully.

Six Logo Design Tips for a Creative and Timeless Logo

Simplicity: Though many logo designers want to show their creativity and artistic inclination but it is suggested that you should keep your logo simple so that the viewers can understand the meaning of the logo and get a brief idea about the company and their products and the services. Apart from that a simple logo is easier to remember for the viewers. As the logo is the identity of a brand therefore it is necessary to look whether it is well connected with the viewers specially the target customers. In many cases logo designers do not use brand or company names in their logos. In those cases they need to design the logos in such a way so that we can know then at the very first look. If we take the examples of the logos like Nike or Reebok then we can see that the brand names are nowhere to be seen in these logos. But we immediately know them by their logos.

Uniqueness: This is one of the most important rule that a logo designer should strictly follow. The logo should be unique and completely different from the other logos. It should also be remembered that a logo establishes the identity of the brand.

Therefore, if you do not make your logo unique then the customers will not be able to differentiate your brand from the others who are having the same logos. On the other hand it is also not expected that a designer would copy from the others logos. It can be harmful for the career of the designer as well as the future of the brands. Logo designing is one of the best ways to show the creativity and the uniqueness of the logo designer. Though he can go through the logo reviews to get ideas but copying from the others means that he does not have the capability of becoming a logo designer at all. If we take a look at the logo of Apple then we may find how simple yet unique the logo is. The designers could have easily use the image of an apple in their logo but instead they took a bite and it became a huge hit.

Versatility: The logo of your brand should not be monotonous. Otherwise it will fail to attract your target customers. Designing a versatile logo does not mean that you need to use lots of colours or fonts or designs but it should be equally fitted in all mediums. There are many designers who do not have much idea about the sizes and the other technical aspects which are also related to logo designing apart from creativity. If the logo fits on the letter pads, it looks awful in the posters or in the digital mediums. This should not happen in logo designing.

Meaningfulness: The logo should be meaningful. It is not all about drawing an image. The logo should be relevant and should convey the message that the brand or the company want to share with their target customers or the clients.

Vibrant: The logo should be vibrant and dynamic. This is one of the most important factors which is not only necessary in logo designing but in writings and other works as well. The designer should be aware of the latest ideas and innovations and should constantly try to experiment with his designs and implement variety of ideas while designing logos.

Contemporary: The logo should have an eternal appeal and should be contemporary. A company do not change their logo frequently therefore, the designer should make it in such a way so that it can work effectively for the long run.

These are the few important tips which can help the designers to design creative and timeless logos.

Sarah James is an acclaimed logo designer who has designed logos for many reputed brands. She started sharing her valuable tips on Logo Reviews recently
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