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Shoot Your First Video – A Beginners Guide To Making It

Are you planning to shoot your first video and have been wondering how to do it? Well, shooting a video is not rocket science, as you are only supposed to know a few basics. The advanced technology has created an avenue whereby you don’t need to incur considerable costs to learn filming basics or buying expensive video cameras. With a good smartphone, you are good to go. You can up your videography skills even during your first shoot since even the professional videographers out there started somewhere. The following are crucial tips you need to adhere to before you shoot your first video.

Shoot Your First Video

Place Your Gadget Horizontally While Filming

It would help if you filmed while holding your camera horizontally and not vertically. Unlike photograph shooting, video shooting requires you to keep the smartphone horizontally throughout the coverage. Even in professional movies, you have never seen the video flipping horizontally and vertically, and vice versa.

Shoot Your First Video – Get Your Tripod Stand in Use

A tripod stand is very vital while filming as it helps you avoid shaky video coverage. Only horror movies should have an unbalanced effect. When shooting movement, you should use a dolly and avoid moving the camera with bare hands. Dolly is a wheeled camera holder used in shooting while on the move. Dolly holders are affordable to everyone as some are cheap, simple ones, while others are expensive, commonly for professionals. Don’t forget that too much movement will turn off viewers.

Plan and Make a List of Shots to Be Captured

You should plan and come up with a list of the number of shots you anticipate to have. Planning helps organize the shooting process, ensuring that the process is smooth and no details are left behind. Planning ensures that you shoot all the content you will require during editing. It isn’t delightful to notice that you missed several scenes during editing. You should film more footage as you don’t know how the videos will turn out during editing.

Shoot Your First Video – Set up Your Shot Correctly

Proper set up is a critical aspect of filming. An appropriate setting ensures that you leave enough headspace for the subjects before you even start shooting. You shouldn’t leave too little space between the camera frame and the subject’s head. Some of the editing software zooms in your raw footage hence cutting off the head of your subject. No one will like to have their heads cut.

Before starting the shot, you should get the best setting for aperture and shutter speeds, so you don’t transit while shooting because it will affect your video’s quality. It would be best if you stick to the same set entirely during filming. It is also advisable that you apply the Rule of Third technique while framing.

Be Innovative and Creative While Taking the Shots

Filming requires you to be creative, innovative, and flexible. Try to shoot your first video from different angles like Eye level or Dutch angle shot and shift gears when the situation demands. Have enough footage to be on the safe side since your camera wouldn’t run out of memory.

Be Creative During Footage Editing

Quality editing requires you to have enough footage to increase the options available. Editing requires you to be innovative and creative to get an appealing end product. There is various editing software in the market. However, choose an editing software that has numerous attractive features and one with easy interphase. Since you are new to videography, choose a video maker that will not be difficult for you to operate.

Since this is your first shooting, you may not know the best editing software. However, try to work with Adobe Premiere Pro. The Premiere Pro is a low-cost world-leading video editor. Apart from its low cost, many videographers love the Adobe Premiere Pro due to its impressive features. It has creative tools that can integrate with other apps and special tools like Film Impact, which will make your first video look like it was done by a professional. The software is also powered by Adobe Sensei, enabling you to craft footage into high-quality polished films. The newly launched Premiere Rush app allows you to edit your footage from any device; hence you can work remotely.

Natural Lighting Is Better When You Shoot Your First Video

Natural lighting is preferred as it gives high-quality footage when compared with artificial lightings. When using the natural sunlight, shoot your first video in the morning or the evening for more impressive quality. If you are in an indoor set-up, try to use three-point lighting to get the best quality footage.

Now that you have tips that will take you through the filming process, you need to equip yourself with all the tools and accessories required. You will require a camera, camera lights, dedicated external microphone, extra batteries, extra memory cards, editing software, and a computer.

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