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Organization of Closed Thematic Clubs

Before the first trip to a closed thematic club, beginners are a little scared: what is there, who is there, and how everything happens there. For you to know exactly what awaits you and how to behave in swingers club San Francisco, check out the dress code procedure and the general features of such establishments.

closed thematic club

General Rules of Conduct and Organization of Closed Thematic Club

Face Control in a Thematic Club

Face control is mandatory at the entrance to the club. Moreover, swinger clubs are much more challenging than ordinary ones. You are not allowed to come drunk, stoned, or untidy there. They try to weed out men with prostitutes rented for one night. Most of these establishments exist for couples and value regular visitors’ comfort and reputation.

In most clubs, the administrator meets in the lobby and issues an electronic bracelet and keys to an individual locker. If you are a beginner, they will definitely give you a tour and show you where it is, how it works and who to turn to for help. Most likely, the club will have a standard room with furniture and a bar, a dance floor and a stripper pole, changing rooms with showers and toilets, and areas for having sex.

Do’s & Don’t’s

Privates are open — i.e., if a couple retires for intimacy, someone else can join if they are given consent. Closed privates are separate rooms with a key-lockable door so that no one disturbs the couple during sex. In private rooms, there is always a supply of towels, sheets, and condoms. Some have sofas and couches, dark rooms, rooms with sex swings, rooms with BDSM accessories, and rooms with themed paraphernalia.

Phones, cameras, and any means of shooting and communication are strictly prohibited in the swinger club. Good clubs carefully monitor the privacy of their visitors. Phone, wallet, and belongings must be left in a locker. You can buy drinks and snacks in the bar and pay for them at the exit using an electronic bracelet.

App for Closed Thematic Clubs Fans

If you want your journey to be more accessible and memorable, use a unique app for help and convenience.

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