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Much More than Just a Web Page

These days it’s all about the Internet. A web presence is essential to any enterprise whether it is commercial, governmental or non-profit. When you want your message to be heard, for whatever reason, you must have a web page. Or at least that’s how it was in the past. Things have actually been taken to a much higher level.

The importance of a well designed website

Not Just Graphic Design

In the past it was mostly just about putting up something that looked good. However, today’s web surfer is inundated with content. So you have to be more than just a good looking website. Your site must be smart as well. You don’t want a site that just sits there. You want a site that attracts visitors and allows your message to be heard loud and clear.

It Is an Art

Web design is an art form. It takes years of experience and talent to transform a client’s vision into a reality. The images, layout and text must all capture the spirit of the brand or organization. This is not a simple thing to do. The best get it done quickly and efficiently. And if they don’t deliver they keep working until they get it right. Excellence in this area translates into business or mission success.

Several Steps Beyond

The best web designers have taken things up a notch. They know that great art and display are required elements. They also know though that a web presence is not static. There are methods to drive traffic to the site, for example, that you don’t see on the surface. Reliable bullet-proof hosting is also an unseen task performed by the best web designers. If you look good but are not live then nobody will notice. Finally good anti-virus and anti-spam security can be handled as well by the best design teams. This gives you the complete package from the start, and this continues on to future success.

It’s All Business

For those involved in commerce, online sales are the standard now. You must have a solid and smooth Ecommerce mechanism whether you are selling only a few or thousands of different products. Again, behind the pretty face must be a well-oiled machine that is always up and running. Everything should function smoothly to allow the users to become buyers. Also all the back office requirements must be met flawlessly including billing and payment processing.


When you set out to look for a web designer, know that some will offer a nice website and that’s about it. The best though will give you a full service, starting with design and finishing with all the other essentials. Designing, building, promoting and managing all can be handled with just one provider these days. So instead of shopping around and trying to slap things together haphazardly, find a designer that will deliver and maintain a complete package. Your web presence will be seamless, sound and beautiful.

Kristen Jonnes is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as web design, technology and social media. She holds bachelor’s degree in electronics. Her famous articles includes article on Web Design Bristol. She loves to travel and make new friends.
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