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How to Make Any Website with MotoCMS Premium Templates

Nowadays it goes without saying that any type of business cannot develop successfully without being taken online. Still, not every website template can lead you to a better outcome. It is quite obvious that the quality is of the greatest importance in this case. Of course, the best way to achieve the desirable is to hire a high-level professional. But there are some obstacles on this road as well. First of all, such services are very expensive. Besides, there is no guarantee that you will get what you really need. They are professionals in web design, not in your field, so, a risk of misunderstanding is always here.

MotoCMS is well aware of the existing problems. That is why the MotoCMS team has developed premium website templates to satisfy your needs. The best news is that with one of our CMS website templates you are able to launch your own awesome website without any professional help and knowledge of coding.  Due to the built-in Block Editor and drag-and-drop functionality, it will take you just hours to start the site.


Moreover, all premium templates have a unique stunning design to make your business stand out in the crowd. Have a look at top MotoCMS premium website templates below to appreciate the quality.

Transportation MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template


Transportation plays a vital role in modern business. Reliable transport companies are always in demand. Still, it becomes difficult to keep the existing clients and to get the new ones if you are not online today. Being easily reachable is of crucial importance for you. Stay close to your clients with the excellent tools that transportation template offers. Its responsive design enables your clients to visit your site using any kind of mobile devices. Edit the appearance of the widgets thanks to Presets Builder if there is a need.

The customers of transport companies want to know where their cargo is at any stage of the delivery process. Offer your clients a fully functional tracking system. Tell all about your company, the services, and pricing policy on your easy-to-navigate pages. You will be satisfied with your website for sure!

Alternative Power MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template


Your business is great as you take care of the environment and help the humankind follow a safer development route. Let people learn more about the ways they can spare natural resources and save their money with a site of your own.

Dealing with the hi-tech sphere you understand perfectly well that you require a highly professional website for representing your company. Without any doubt, this all-in-one solution from MotoCMS is exactly what you need. Start your own website quickly and effortlessly. Use a set of easily customizable pre-made pages to introduce your projects and describe your services. Advanced SEO tools of this template will make finding your site a simple task for the prospective clients.  Appreciate the quality and expand your business!

Medical MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template


Human health is priceless, that is why people do hesitate a lot while choosing a specialist they trust with it. If you work in health care system, winning your prospective clients’ trust is the thing you should start with. A calm color palette of this template will help you to do this first step. Use handy galleries to showcase the photos of your wonderful specialists at work. Start a newsletter with MailChimp to keep your clients informed about your company’s latest news and achievements. If you don’t need any widget, it is very easy to remove it. If you require some peculiar tool, for example, an appointment button, you can add it without any problem. The website is so simple to launch and to maintain that you won’t need a professional help with it at all!

Education MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template


We often say that children are our future. Working with children you create this future yourself by helping them develop their talents and choose their own way in life. Attract more attention to the unique methods your establishment uses by taking your business online. This beautiful template will assist you in achieving your goals. Add new content easily with the convenient tools incorporated into the template. Upload your video tutorials with the Video widget. Change size and color of your icons to give a touch of individuality to your site. Start a blog to supply your visitors with some useful information and answer all their questions. Become successful and get closer to your clients with a site of your own.

Cars MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template


Modern people depend on their cars a lot. When something goes wrong with a car it ruins the plans and distresses the owner greatly. So, quick and quality car repairing is really important nowadays. If you are an owner of a car fixing business, do not hesitate to go online.  Cars MotoCMS Template will help you do it in no time! Attract the attention of the visitors with the bright design of this stunning template. Choose the pages you may need among the pre-set pages offered in the template. Create original contact forms to get feedback from your clients. Enjoy the simplicity if the widgets and manage them freely. Your business will flourish for sure!

Home Repair Premium MotoCMS 3 Template

People love the comfort and cozy household. That is why renovation business will never be outdated. Still, it is not that easy to find a good company to help renovate the house or give a hand with repair problems. If your company knows how to do it well, go ahead and create your own website.
With an easy-to-use dashboard of this template, you can change your background photos as easy as your team changes wallpaper! Use a rich collection of text styles for representing your information more attractively. Apply Video widget to play useful YouTube and Vimeo videos on the site. Upload your own videos to show the renovations your company completed or to give a piece of advice to your clients.  Be creative to get noticed and succeed with your own website!

Travel MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template


Traveling is so interesting for most contemporary people. They are open for new experiences and new emotions. It is extremely exciting to do business in this field. Still, the problem is that the competition here is rather high. So, you must do your best to get noticed by the clients. Thus, your website plays a key role in attracting new clients.

Make your clients mesmerized with the gorgeous design of this template. Advertise your business in social networks with handy social media widgets. It is also an excellent idea to start a blog where you can post interesting articles about other countries to inspire your visitors. Include the testimonials of your grateful clients alongside with some amazing stories about their adventures. There are so many wonderful places on the Earth, help the people get acquainted with them!

Music MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template


Music business requires top level quality combined with impressive individuality. Having a music recording studio of your own you realize it perfectly well. Launching your own website you get more possibilities to develop your business by offering painless access to your services. Stay reputable and stylish with the extraordinary design of Music MotoCMS Template.  Enjoy the premium quality of the music widgets of this template.

Create your SoundCloud account to use the tracks from it with your SoundCloud widget. Use your Audio player widget to add an audio player to your site page. Feel free to change the design of the player to answer your vision of the site.   You are doing a great job, let the people know about it!

European Food MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template


People often say that we eat to live, not live to eat. But it is not the reason not to admire delicious food, don’t you agree?  In the restaurant business, the image of a dish is as important as its smell and taste. This awesome template offers you a great chance to make your restaurant business more thriving.
There are three types of galleries (carousel, grid gallery, and slider) to present the beautiful pictures of your restaurant and tempt the customers with captivating shots of the dishes. Change typography to impress the visitors even more. Add easy to use widgets for the better service. Do not worry about having problems with starting and managing the site – 24/7 technical support is ready to help any minute. Make people forget about all their diets with a seducing site of your own!

Web Design MotoCMS 3 Responsive Website Template


Web design is a rapidly developing sphere at the moment. To keep up with all the latest tendencies and to create the stuff your customers will appreciate you need a lot of time. Still, the creating of the website to represent your business is a very time-consuming project. Moreover, the quality of it must be really high as it will be your shop window as a professional.

Why waste your valuable time if what you need is here already? The possibilities this theme offers you are of the greatest importance in this situation. Try this advanced template to admire its amazing functionality. As a web designer, you will be certainly impressed with the Block Editor. It has never been that easy to construct a new site – just pick a ready-made block and drag-and-drop it where necessary. It is not a work anymore, but a game. Moreover, don’t forget to get acquainted with the discount opportunities you can get with MotoCMS as a web developer.

Test Any MotoCMS Premium Website Template at No Charge


Every business is unique. One of the MotoCMS premium templates will help you keep your individuality and make your business prosper. Choose a suitable template and start your free 14-day trial period. If you decide to buy the template after the end of the trial period, all the changes you have made will stay there with you. Your business derives the premium quality!

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