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Mobile App Marketing Strategy to Step up Application Sale

Nowadays, mobile application has become a hot trend. According to sources, more than 800 applications are downloaded per second. Among millions of applications, it is a challenging job for everyone to market the mobile application successfully. Besides this, retaining the older customer is also very difficult because most of the application users uninstall the apps after 6 months of the usage. Therefore, it is necessary for developers and application development organizations to draft strategic mobile app marketing plan, where following things should be considered.

Mobile App Marketing Main

Before going to market the mobile application, make sure that your application is either unique or possess some unique features. Otherwise, all your efforts will get failed.

Market Through Social Media

Today, social media is connecting millions of people of different demographics from all around the world. This is the best place to start promoting your application because you can easily find the potential audience for your mobile application. There are various social networking websites, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Thoroughly research the platform, study the demographics and find out the relevant audience, who really have the requirement for your application.

After knowing your audience, develop and publish the advertisement page, banner and interactive content that describe your mobile app in an understanding manner. Now, connect with your audience and have a conversation with them. In the conversation, tell about your app, advantages of its unique features, e.g. how a certain app’s feature can help users in their professional and personal lifestyle.

Develop Awesome Website

Deploy the website that possess the out-of-box design and demonstrate your application functionality clearly by showing your mobile application in action. Share videos and screenshots of your application. With the help of the website, you can establish your app presence in the online marketplace.

Publish Newsletter & Blogs

Do not leave any stone unturned – send a newsletter, share the press releases and draft the blog. The objective of all these things is to create the wave that can push your application toward the important sections, such as “What’s Hot” and “News or Noteworthy” in the Apps Store. Moreover, you can also implement the following steps effectively:

  • Distribute the promo codes by using Twitter (and other social media websites) and blog.
  • Organize the contests associated with your mobile app. Here, you can also distribute the prizes.
  • It’s great if your application has the functionality that matches the features of events. Suppose you have climate based app and there is going to be the climate summit in coming days. Then it will be better to launch the app on same date, when the summit is going to happen. This will add more benefit to your mobile app marketing strategy.

Shift Marketing Paradigm

After achieving the successful marketing, you have to switch your marketing strategy gradually. Now your objective is not only getting new customers, but also retaining the older customers. Therefore, you can follow the below given tips, such as:

  • Make use of push notification and connect with the users. Tell them about discount offers or any new feature that you have launched in your application.
  • Share videos & blog content on the your official website. You can also take the help of journalists and set up the interviews to showcase your application and how you achieve success in the application market, what your future plans are and many more things.
  • Advertise others’ mobile applications in your mobile app, so that the other developers or development organizations also advertise your app in terms of making repayment.
Johny Allen
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