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When Graphic Design Takes Over Web Design

Web designing, which was only recently dominated by HTML and textual content has begun to be increasingly dominated by graphics. While graphic designing is related to web designing and graphical content is being given importance, one needs to understand the difference between web designing and graphic designing.

When Graphic Design Takes Over Web Design

Here are the major differences between graphic designing and web designing:

  • Graphic designing does not play emphasis on interactivity abut web designing is all about interaction and making content available on the Internet.
  • Graphical work may be great but if it is not accessible to the world it will be forgotten. A well designed website is always available online.
  • Graphic work cannot be updated and modified easily. However, a website that is well designed can easily modified.
  • A web designer designs websites but a graphic designer may design offline graphic content as well.

Increasing importance of graphic design in web designing

With this in mind, we need to understand that there is an increasing need for graphic designers in the world of web designing. In fact, it is not a tall claim if we said graphic design is taking over web design. However, clients and companies need to bear in mind that a well designed website needs to be graphic-rich and SEO friendly at the same time.

Here are a few reasons why graphic design is taking over web design:

  • Plain text websites are not attractive to people and thus they may not visit them often.
  • Textual content is always complementary to graphical content.
  • Image searches and search queries related to graphical content has increased over the years.
  • Mobile browsing places an increasing importance to graphic design.
  • Graphic design can no longer be ignored because people like visually attractive websites.

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Need for more graphic designers

Companies can choose to outsource their programming requirements and outsourcing PHP development is a good idea in fact. While PHP is a very important part of web designing, many developers often ignore the importance of graphic designing. With the advent of media-rich websites, one needs to look positively towards graphic designers and the art of creating visually rich websites. Certainly, this points towards a need for more graphic designers in the field.

The industry needs hundreds of graphics designers in order to fill the gap that is experienced within the industry. The future certainly looks like web designing will be taken over by graphic design thanks to an increasingly important platform that has arisen through mobile derives. It is no longer a fad or a style, but graphically rich websites are the mainstream way of designing websites. What graphic designers need to do is to ensure that their art is coupled with the science of SEO and web development.

Smith is a PHP developer and web designer who heads a consultation company. He has written a number of corporate documents on outsourcing PHP development and designing graphic-rich websites.
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