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What is the Future of Cryptocurrency in the Next Decade

The interest in cryptocurrency remains steady even if the price of crypto coins rises and falls. Regulators across the world are also welcoming crypto assets and looking to create sound legislation. Is crypto the future we all are waiting for? Cryptocurrency is surely getting more popular across the world. It is not just a topic of debate for investors but also getting introduced in our culture. Additionally, countless crypto exchanges are now online. They help you trade cryptocurrency with AI, like Wazirx trading bot. As a result, the future of cryptocurrency is surely exciting. Let’s explore what may lie in the future of cryptocurrency in 2021 and beyond.

future of cryptocurrency

Future of Cryptocurrency Predictions –  The Rise of NFT

Non-fungible tokens or NFT will be the next big cryptocurrency trend to take over the planet. NFTs are generally based on Ethereum and are a unique way to establish ownership of digital assets. NFTs can be applied to images, videos, art, and a range of digital objects. It can eliminate the issue of fraud in art and make ownership traceable. The ownership details will be stored in the blockchain, beyond any threats of manipulation.

Co-founder of “Tether” William Quigley also thinks NFTs will be the cryptocurrency future. No wonder NFTs generated more than $2.5 billion in the first few months of 2021.

Bitcoin Future: Bitcoin Predictions Indicate Long-Term Win

Bitcoin has always been the most volatile currency in the crypto capital market. The price of Bitcoin had reached a staggering $60,000 in April 2021 and again climbed down to $30,000 in July.

Right now, Bitcoin is hovering around $50,000. So, what is the future of bitcoin, and is it still the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021? Experts are still ready to trust the power of Bitcoin. They are making favorable Bitcoin predictions and suggesting awesome growth for long-term investors. One such person is Kiana Danial, the author of the book, “Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies.” Danial feels the value of Bitcoin may fluctuate in the short term but will bring excellent returns in the long run.

Therefore, Danial suggests holding on to your Bitcoins for a bright crypto future.

Top New Cryptocurrency 2021 – The Future of Cryptocurrency Predictions

Bitcoin is not the only best crypto to invest in 2021. We have several contenders that can be the best cryptocurrency to buy. Let’s find out what is the next big crypto according to financial expert Investopedia. Ethereum is a top competitor of Bitcoin with impressive growth. It still remains a preferred investment option for many followed by Litecoin and Polkadot.

Additionally, a few new names are coming up as the best crypto to invest in. One example is Cardano, co-founded by one of the members who created Ethereum. As a result, the future of cryptocurrency is filled with new currencies to consider for your portfolio.

Crypto Regulations May Still be Far Away

Crypto predictions for 2021 are encouraging but we can’t expect any comprehensive regulations soon. Various governments are trying to accommodate digital currency. But they are encountering several challenges. A common challenge experienced globally is non-agreement among regulators. They aren’t able to come to a common ground and keep legislation at bay.

Additionally, jurisdictional overlap also creates barriers to creating regulations, says Todd Ehret. He is the Senior Regulatory Intelligence Expert for Reuters. However, many countries are trying to bring in laws to regulate cryptocurrencies. Governments are also working to eliminate frauds that are prevalent in many facets of crypto like ICOs. We can expect more regulators to realize the need for bringing cryptocurrency under national laws.

Future of Cryptocurrency in the Next Decade – Final Thoughts

The future of cryptocurrency is quite exciting. We can expect more currencies to come into the market and create healthy competition. Additionally, new innovations like NFT will keep crypto going strong for many years to come in the future.

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