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Keeping Ahead of the Curve with Digital Marketing Trends Predicted by A.I

It wasn’t so long ago that A.I services such as ChatGPT entered the foray and it threw content creators because articles were being penned by bots and artists were also concerned that they might be replaced because art generators were able to cobble together something quite authentic. Children’s books written and illustrated by these A.I bots have been published and it seemed like it wasn’t very long before machines took over creatively.AI and Machine Learning in Test Automation

Thankfully, regulations have been put in place to prevent that from happening and while A.I can be used as a source of inspiration, it is impossible to copyright and with new software that is able to detect A.I, the fear of being replaced seems to have been dissipated. But A.I has emerged as an effective tool and is becoming increasingly reliable in terms of predicting trends and what many marketers have done is use the powerful algorithms that make up A.I to predict future trends for digital marketing and this is what A.I has to say.

A.I as a Tool for Furthering the Reach of Digital Marketing

It goes without saying that A.I is one of the key factors that will drive the growth of digital marketing. According to a journalist that used ChatGPT to create these predictions, he noted that Google Analytics is utilizing machine learning models “to analyze your data and predict future actions end-users may take”. While this sounds concerning, how is it any different from mentioning a vacation in Bali with a friend over a cup of coffee, only to discover a bunch of ads popping up on your social media feed directed to a hotel in Bali or a travel itinerary?

Importance of Marketing Strategy in Your Business

In a real life example provided by Google Analytics: 412 Food Rescue Case Study, a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh increased their engagement up 50% and optimized their limited team so that they were able to grow and expand without increasing costs.

A.I will be able to analyze data collected and provide an actionable plan that will rival that of a digital marketing agency because one thing that A.I has been proven to be more effective at than humans is its ability to digest large amounts of information in just a fraction of the time needed for a human counterpart. In fact, studies have shown that they are able to generate insights which are a thousand times faster than a human can. Which, when put in plain terms, means that what will take a human a thousand years to do, a computer can do in a year.

Whether you are operating an established digital marketing agency New Zealand or a startup agency, you will be able to benefit from the power of A.I.

Voice Search Optimization Will Be the Next Big Thing

With all that talk about A.I, some may be wondering if there are any trends that A.I has predicted that has nothing to do with A.I or machine learning at all and is simply an evolution of human behavior?

Voice search is something that has truly integrated itself into human culture, following the expansion of such features due to the evolution of smart devices that have the function to turn on heating or even their cars remotely with just their voice. With voice search functionality being present in many phones and devices, it makes sense that human beings will gear their behavior towards more voice accessibility, which means that apps will need to have such functionality to increase engagement.

Being able to tell your TV what to play rather than painstakingly keying in what you want to search for is definitely loads better and provides greater convenience, and what is more important to a generation of instant gratification driven individuals than convenience and accessibility?

Digital Marketing Is at the Forefront of Every Business but Those that Do Not Utilize Technology Will Fall Behind

The facts are that if you are not optimizing on technology, you’re losing. It’s just that simple, as evidenced by all the reports and current trends that are saturating the market. People are obsessed with technology and the next big thing. Leaving technology out of your digital marketing strategy might just be the worst possible choice you can make as a digital marketer.

Digital Marketing KPIs

While artificial intelligence might be trending at the moment, it is merely a moment in a long history and it will continue to evolve alongside human behavior. How we choose to utilize it will ultimately determine its significance, but just like how Bitcoin went over the heads of many in the early days, don’t make the same mistake twice and imagine that it would just go away on its own. Without adoption of the latest trends, you’ll find yourself left behind.

Predictions Made by AI

Artificial intelligence is not just the future; it’s the present. Many digital marketers have found value in incorporating AI into their strategies, optimizing their efforts and reaching their audiences in more targeted ways. However, the true potency of AI lies in its ability to predict trends, enabling marketers to stay a step ahead.

  • An interesting development that AI has predicted is the rise of personalized customer experiences. Consumers are increasingly demanding personalized content tailored to their preferences and behaviors. This requires a significant amount of data analysis and pattern recognition – something that AI excels at. Marketers will need to harness the power of AI to meet these demands, or risk being overtaken by those who do.
  • AI is also heralding a shift in how consumers interact with online content. The rise of voice search has not only been an evolution of human behavior, but it has also been fueled by AI advancements in natural language processing. As a result, marketers must optimize their content for voice search, or risk missing out on a rapidly growing segment of internet users.
  • Likewise, the importance of visual search is also increasing. AI can analyze images to understand their content and context, which benefits businesses aiming to drive customer engagement through visual content.


AI is continuously learning and evolving, and as a result, so too must our digital marketing strategies. The trends it predicts serve as guideposts, showing us the direction consumer behavior and preferences are heading. Ignoring these signs would be perilous.

While some may fear that AI could replace human creativity, it’s clear that the most effective use of AI lies in augmenting human capabilities. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, the combined power of human insight and artificial intelligence is a winning combination. AI is here to stay, and those who embrace it will find themselves at the forefront of their industry.

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