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AI 101: How Do Artificial Intelligence Text-To-Image Generators Work?

While numerous mind-blowing artificial intelligence products are emerging on the market all the time, some of them, like text-to-image generators, are becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. Nonetheless, have you ever wondered how these products actually work?

In a few words, artificial intelligence text-to-image software solutions work by taking a written description and creating a picture based on the prompt the user provided. Then, two neural networks work together to compose the final image and analyze its final compliance with the user’s guidelines until the AI model decides that the result is accurate enough.


If you want to know more on the subject matter, in this article we’ll take you through all you need to know about the technology behind text-to-image generators, go through all the opportunities these generators offer to users and businesses, and discuss the potential these groundbreaking tools hold in the grand scheme of things.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Generate Images?

First things first, let’s talk about how this mysterious yet highly sophisticated technology actually works. The whole idea behind this technology is to have software that can perfectly analyze text and generate a picture based on the language description. In fact, nowadays, some of the most advanced generators that use the CLIP guided diffusion model can even switch styles, creating anything from an anime character to turning realistic photographs into an oil painting.

Nevertheless, while AI-powered image generation is undoubtedly a pretty advanced technology, it is not that hard to truly understand. As we already mentioned in the introductory part of this article, two networks are involved in the process: the first one has to understand the assignment, and the other needs to rate the result and ascertain if it looks realistic and accurate enough for human use.

AI 101

These two networks are supposed to work together to produce the final AI-powered result. The first network is trained to simply analyze the text, understand the concept, and create what’s asked of it. Simultaneously, the second network detects actual illustrations and photos and differentiates them from the AI-generated ones.

In addition to this one, there’s also another feature of these generators that you may not know about. Instead of typing the description, you can simply upload an image and let AI edit it, turning a photo of your cat into an oil painting fantasy illustration, for instance. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

The Opportunities That AI Text-To-Image Generators Present To Users And Businesses

Now that you know how the technology works, it might still be unclear how you can use these technological solutions in the grand scheme of things and their use cases. Sure, they bring a lot of fun and entertainment. They can impress everyone with how far artificial intelligence technology has come , but how practical can these tools be, and what advantages do they offer for humanity? Here are the most significant opportunities that come with AI text-to-image generators:

Creating Unique And Original Images For Use

The first and primary practical use of these AI-powered generators is the possibility of promptly getting you the image you want and using it without any trouble regarding copyrights. For example, this is very helpful if you have an eCommerce store and want to follow the latest eCommerce trends by showing your customers professional photos of your products and adding relevant and never-before-seen photos to your product offering posts.

You surely don’t like to have those same boring photos that all of your main competitors use. Well, what can you do? You can type in a prompt for an AI generator and tell it what type of image you’d want to have.

For example, you can ask the generator to put that pink-colored women’s top on an AI-generated fashion model taking a stroll down the streets of Paris. Or, how about a dog wearing your top-selling winter hat for women?

Artificial Intelligence

The text-to-image generator will come up with several unique options for you and comply with your needs and instructions. And that’s how you differentiate yourself from your competitors in a minute.

Expanding Our Understanding Of Modern Art

In a broader sense, AI image generators can impact humans’ thinking and eventually alter our understanding of art. While it’s truly hard to tell how far the technology will go, it has the potential to significantly impact the development of art. Just think about all those NFTs that are worth hundreds of dollars on the market. Yes, most of them were made with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

In fact, AI text-to-image generators can create top-class artworks that are really hard to distinguish from human creations. While NFTs are already a big hit on the market , we still need time to understand and determine where these AI-powered experiments will lead and how we’ll incorporate these beautiful new creations into our cultural and social lives.

AI 101

Final Thoughts

All in all, text-to-image generators are here and are here to stay. Now that you know how they work and their vast potential, perhaps it’s time to subscribe to an AI-powered image creation tool and see for yourself what it can do for your business or love of art. The bottom line is that these tools open up so many opportunities allowing users to create images in a matter of seconds and explore the world of AI art.

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