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Does This Automated ADA Compliance Software Work – accessiBe Review

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design is a landmark order by the Department of Justice. It mandates certain parameters for websites and online businesses to follow. This is obviously for the good of the general public, especially those with debilitating conditions. However, it can also be a headache for some entrepreneurs to implement. There have been many companies that have sought to provide an easy answer to this problem. And one of such ADA compliance software is accessiBe.com.


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What Is accessiBe ADA Compliance Software?

accessiBe is an automated web accessibility platform that allows complying with ADA standards. There is a unique thing about accessiBe that separates it from the rest. It utilizes artificial intelligence to scour sections of a website and allow its automatic conversion. This means that persons with disabilities can effectively surf a website without having to worry about readability and comprehension. For business owners, this also means that they can rest easy knowing that their website is fully compliant with American laws.

How Does accessiBe Work?


Once the accessiBe code is on your website, the AI will automatically scan your website with no extra input needed on your part. Within 48 hours, your website is going to become fully accessible to your disabled visitors. You will then be ADA compliant, specifically under WCAG 2.1, ADA Title 3, Section 508, EN 301549.

Since accessiBe uses machine learning, it is able to understand the content and outline of your webpages. Therefore, all of its changes and adaptations to make sure that the business fulfills ADA rules will not destroy the layout of your page or prolong its loading time. If the webmaster makes changes, then the AI will once again scan the website and adjust itself automatically to the new design. There is also a scheduled reprocessing or scanning of your website every day that will serve as its constant maintenance.

The user will still have complete control. However, aspects like language, display size, readability, and navigation can be tweaked according to the user’s preferences. As far as images are concerned, the AI pinpoints every photograph or background print and provides an appropriate alternative tag to them for visually impaired visitors.

Can accessiBe Handle All of the Disabilities?

Those that the ADA regulations require are easily covered by the accessiBe platform. In other words, clients with various stages of blindness, motor disorders, seizures, cognitive impairments, changes brought about by old age, and other infirmities fall safely under the rubric of the accessiBe AI.

What Kind of Websites Does accessiBe Handle?


The accessiBe system is to convert standard web pages into its ADA-compliant counterpart. Furthermore, those using blogs like WordPress will be delighted to know that accessiBe can be loaded directly on the WordPress dashboard. Likewise with a Joomla-based content management system and Google Tag Manager.

In fact, accessiBe is so versatile that its creators attest that it will work on every kind of website. However, in the unlikely event that your website cannot support or has problems integrating accessiBe into it, the administrators are willing to guide you in the installation process if you drop them a line.

How Does It Differ from Other ADA Compliance Software?

There are two ways that make accessiBe stand out from the crowd. Its competitors usually fall into the following categories.

Plugins and Add-Ons

This is a basic kind of disability compliance package that many web owners employ for the sole reason. It comes cheap. The problem is that you get what you pay for. Standard plugins and add-ons rarely meet 80% of the standards of the ADA Act.

Manual Accessibility Services

It is a little higher up on the effectivity scale is a manual web accessibility service provider. This involves hiring a technician/specialist to go through the website. They will manually change everything so that it complies with ADA requirements. The problem is that a manual system doesn’t update itself automatically.

What works today will quickly become obsolete in a few months as changes are on the website. This requires you to hire another person again just to patch things up, making this method an absolute money pit. The accessiBe program solves the flaws of these two methods. First, the team developed it after 13 months of intensive collaboration with disabled people at the Protected Accommodation Center. So unlike an add-on or plugin, you have a guarantee that the product has been fully tested and researched.

Second, it’s automated ADA compliance software. It means that changes to the website are detected and fixed within a 24-hour period. All without the owner having to intervene or hire an engineer. This means money saved in the long run. Moreover, the website owners are sure of ADA compliance regardless of them updating their sites.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

The creators of the accessiBe service are confident enough in their product. So, they offer a free trial for business owners to test drive.l the platform. For seven days, you may avail of the platform for free. This is great for those who want to sample the benefits of the system prior to committing to a full purchase. Simply register at the accessiBe page. You will then be asked to submit the domain names of websites that you want to become ADA-compliant using their tools.

Cancellation is possible at any time for no cost on your part. Once the trial period is over and you want to make accessiBe a part of your website, you can purchase their annual pricing packages. They range from $490 (for websites below 1,000 pages) to $1490 (for websites below 100,000 pages), and $3,500 (for websites below 1,000,000 pages). A special price can also be present depending on your circumstances by contacting the accessiBe team.

ADA Compliance Software – Conclusion

accessiBe.com is the first-ever automated accessibility partner. It transforms your average website into one that caters to all people of various conditions, debilitating, or otherwise. As a business owner, this will boost your marketing value. It will also draw in a segment of the population that has long been ignored by your competitors.

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