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Code Editors for Laravel to Make Developer’s Life Easier [2020]

All prepared to try your hands on PHP Programming? Before you start, first you need to know the best code editors for Laravel available out there in the market which can ease up your programming. As you can easily find paid as well as free IDE for PHP, but here you need the best. So, the selection can be a little tricky. While selecting best open source PHP IDE, you have to consider various elements and types such as PHP IDE for windows or PHP IDE for Linux and so on.

Best Code Editors for Laravel

The list we present here includes 5 good text-editor for Laravel that have proven the best choice for professional PHP developers and programmers because of being modern, famous and highly feature-rich.

PHP Storm – One Of The Advanced & Best Code Editors For Laravel

PHP Storm is compatible to work with several modern PHP frameworks like Laravel, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Magento, Joomla!, Yii, Drupal, Symfony, WordPress and many others. Being the best open source PHP IDE, this editor learns the code to thoroughly understand its overall structure and supports every PHP language for legacy and modern PHP projects. PHP Storm handles a robust code completion, quick error prevention, refactorings etc. jobs for offering the best programming solutions. This ultimate PHP IDE contains all WebStorm features and fully supports Databases/ SQL and PHP.

Sublime Text – A Good Text Editor For Laravel

Sublime Text is a prevalent and highly demanded text editor that programmers use during coding. This editor has several features that ease up the tasks of programmers by making coding a fun. This is a famous code editor for being highly extensible and enables effortless code writing. Going to the official website of Sublime Text, you can even download the evaluation version of this code editor. To use this editor, you first have to install the package control and also, enable it in this text editor. This package control can easily be downloaded from the web.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Code Editor For Laravel
Lately many who have switched to Visual Studio Code. from Sublime. Both of them have advantage but first time when you try visual studio code, you’ll love it. This editor goes with built in Git, Debug and also have many support extensions.

Netbeans – The Best PHP IDE Of This Time

Our updated list of top 5 Laravel code editors includes Netbeans as it is one of the best code editors for Laravel as well as other advanced PHP frameworks. This editor offers a range of features like tools for code generation and tools for code templates, refactoring tools, hints, parameter tooltips, smart code completing tools and quick and quality fixes. Using Netbeans PHP IDE, programmers can take benefit from features like semantic and syntactic code highlighting, code folding and formatting, pop-up Laravel documentation, marking of exit points and occurrences, rectangular selection, smart method pre-filing parameter, and smart catch or try code completion.

Atom – Ideal & Highly Profound IDE For PHP

Introduced by GitHub, Atom is a greatly customizable PHP IDE of the time. Installing new packages in Atom is highly simple and this simplicity has turned this editor to be one of the best code editors for Laravel of this time. For astonishing features and support, Atom is loved by a majority of programmers. This code editor features a brilliant git integration and has a range of features like several plugins, open source, medium resource usage required. With this editor, coding on Laravel framework becomes an ease as you can do it merely by installing a single plugin to it. On installing this plugin, Laravel 5 snippets will be added. As Atom delivers a great performance and makes the programming a way easier than ever, it becomes the best open source PHP IDE that professional PHP programmers love to use to make their projects.

Codelobster – A Popular IDE For PHP

Codelobster is one of the best code editors for Laravel that programmers hold a great trust on. This PHP edition helps to simplify and streamlining the development process of PHP projects. Moreover, using this IDE, you do not need to remember the function names, tags, arguments and attributes; however, Codelobster implements all of them on its own for you as it contains some autocomplete features. These features support PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. In case, you feel confusion at any level and seek some help, you can get instant help by simply pressing F1 or can use the dedicated Help Control option.


So, here we presented the list of advanced and the best PHP IDE of the time that programmers would love due to the ease they provide to complete programming. To make the best programs on Laravel or PHP, immediately try any one of these best code editors for Laravel and see how quickly you complete the projects.

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