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3D Artists Vitaly Shytnev vs. Neural Networks: Will Artificial Intelligence Leave 3D Artists Out of Work?

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Technology has made rapid advancements in the last several years, leading some to wonder: Will technology eventually replace us? Professionals in the world of 3D art share their perspectives.

Progress in the Development of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence

There has been significant progress in the development of neural networks and artificial intelligence in recent years. One of the most recently developed neural networks is that of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), which can create highly realistic videos, images, and music. The generator behind this network is capable of producing highly realistic data that is incredibly difficult to distinguish from real data.

The Basic Principle of Neural Networks and Why Artificial Intelligence is of Concern to Artists in Various Fields

With such high-quality art being rendered by artificial intelligence, many artists have grown concerned that they will soon be out-competed by machines. Various art generators are even capable of generating existing art in alternative styles or textures, threatening artists of specific styles.

The goal of this technology is to pass a Turing test for art, which would result in humans being unable to distinguish between art produced by a robot and art produced by a human. While this would certainly be a win for those developing AI, it is not always supported by human artists.

Will AI Ever Replace the Artist?

The development of AI in the world of art has led many to wonder if artificial intelligence will eventually replace true artists. While some argue that AI is capable of producing art so realistic that it will eventually eliminate the need for real artists, others argue that AI can instead be used by artists as a tool to create more unique works.

Those on the latter half of the argument claim that natural creativity, emotion, and human perspective cannot be accurately portrayed by artificial intelligence, which means human artists will always be required in the equation.

Artists on the March Against AI on the Artstation Platform

One particular stance against AI has been the rise of artists against ArtStation. These artists claim that AI-generated art is not only an ingenuine form of art but that it is actually stealing from the pieces of real artists to produce its artwork. This has resulted in many artists losing money and recognition as parts of their work are being created and sold by others using AI to make art.

3D Artists vs. Neural Networks

Is a Work Created by a Neural Network Art?

AI art versus “real” art is a heated debate in the art community. Ultimately, it boils down to how you define art.

Ahmed Elgammal, a Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers University, says, “It is very important to understand what art is. And this is our difference from other researchers. Many of them are scientists who have an average understanding of art and the psychology of art. The reason for our success is that we have studied these things for a long time.

Our laboratory is called ‘Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.’ We have been working on the issues of defining style and creativity for years; we have an understanding of these concepts.

I think it is really important for those who work in this field of science to collaborate with people from the creative environment – artists, historians, psychologists – to create artificial intelligence that has this understanding.”

How Can a 3D Artist Use the New Tool Correctly?

3D artists can use AI to create additional work using various websites that offer this tool to artists. They may be able to use their own work in the algorithm to prevent the work of other artists from being stolen. This would allow artists to use the tool ethically.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence technology is still no closer to equaling human intelligence, even if machines become more and more intelligent, people will still appreciate the work done by living people more. The work done by artificial intelligence still cannot compare with the work humans can do by hand. After all, the machines have to learn from somewhere!

While there is currently lots of debate around AI and art, artists can still use AI as a tool to improve the artwork they are already creating. With the future of technology being so bright, 3D artists should look forward to a future where both AI and artists can coexist.

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