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Getting Started with Papervision 3D: Tutorials for Beginners. Part 2

In this post we continue the theme of Papervision 3D tutorials for beginners. With these useful and well written tutorials you will learn about Papervision 3D basics and get familiar with Papervision 2.0 Alpha, also known as “Great White”.  Also, you will learn how to implement market-hit game with Papervision 3D, how to create a regular EffectLayer and a BitmapEffectLayer, how to create a simple scene with some cubes and spheres, how to create a simple 3D gallery, and many other great things.

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Papervision3D: Part 1- Foundation and 3D Object Basics


John Linquist, a lead interactive developer at Roundarch.  He specializes in in Papervision 3D and skinning Flex apps. In this tutorial he tells us how to set up your first Papervision 3D application using Papervision 3D 2.0 Alpha.


Simple Papervision 3D Tutorial


This tutorial for beginners includes some useful comments to your first papervision 3D project. You will learn how to create a simple cube, how to use your mouse to control camera movement, etc.


Using BasicView to Render Your 1st 3D Object


This video tutorial will help you to learn how to use BasicView to render your first 3D object. The author is Seb Lee-Delisle, a multimedia programmer with 15 year experience. Among his clients are BBC, Sony, Phillips, Unilever, and many other large companies.


Papervision 3D for the Absolute Beginners


This tutorial was specially written for those, who don’t know anything about Papervision 3D and would like to start learning it from the very beginning. The author is Emanuele Feronato, an Italian programmer.


Basic Marker-hit Game Implementation Using Papervision


From this tutorial, written by Bracer Jack, you will learn how to implement marker-hit game using Papervision. This tutorial assumes little to no knowledge in the Papervision engine, and the author explains almost every single line of code.


Papervision 2.0 Effect Tutorial


With this tutorial from Zupko.info, dedicated to Papervision 3D effects, you will learn how to create a regular EffectLayer and a BitmapEffectLayer. The source for the tutorial is included.


Loading and Displaying a 3D Model


In this series of tutorials Matthew Casperson will tell you how to create a Flash Program that will load and display a 3D model in a web page by means of Papervision 3D and Flex, how to render a 3D model via the Flash player in a web page using Flex and the Papervision 3D engine. It’s a series of articles that will get you started with Papervision 3D.


Basic Texturing


There is one more great Papervision 3D tutorial for beginners from Papervision2.com. You will be able to learn the basic texturing in Papervision. The source code is available as well.


Creating Basic Physics 3D Scene


A tutorial from Juglibflash (Miguel Moraleda), an open source 3D physics engine. From this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple scene with some cubes and spheres.


Getting Started with 3D in Flash


This tutorial from Design Reviver explains how to create a simple 3D gallery.


We hope these Papervision 3D tutorials will help you in mastering this not easy technology. To be continued…

If you know other helpful Papervision 3D tutorials for beginners, share the links with other readers by adding them in “Comments”.

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