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Creating a Cube with Papervision 3D: Best Tutorials

Today’s set of tutorials is dedicated to the theme of an animated 3D cube creation with Papervision 3D. Each tutorial contain the demo of the final result. Some of the tutorials describe the process of the cube’s creation from the beginning to the end. You will learn to create a path to the class, create faces for the cube, import Papervision 3D classes, create objects for the scene and material for the cube from movie clips, create cube object, add the code to rotate the cube, etc.

The source codes are available, so you can download them to study the whole process.

1. Papervision 3d – cube with different materials on each side.


2. Full screen cube.


3. Creating a 3D animated cube with Papervision.


4. Kit 3D vs Papervision3D: image rotating cube.


5. Cube (osbo.com).


6. Interactive shaded cube: PV3D.


7. Papervision 3D, interactive material.


8. Papervision 3d Great White rotating cube multiple bitmap materials example.


9. Building an interactive cube (video tutorial by Mike Lively).


Part 1

Part 2

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