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Advanced Materials in Papervision 3D 2.0: Applying Shaders and Shaded Materials

Today we will talk about the Advanced Materials in Papervision 3D. These three great tutorials from Jim Foley will give you the essential info as for Papervision 2.0 Materials: you will learn what Materials are available to us in Papervision 3D and also get the detailed info on applying them to the object. You will be able to learn about Shaders and Shaded Materials, view the examples and get all necessary codes.

1. Papervision 3D 2.0 Materials Overview

With this review you will learn the peculiarities of Papervision 2.0 Materials. You will get familiar with ColorMaterial, WireframeMaterial, CompositeMaterial, BitmapFileMaterial, MovieMaterial as well as Papervision 2.0 Shader Materials: FlatShadeMaterial, CellMaterial, GouraudMaterial, PhongMaterial, EnvMapMaterial.


Here you can view the codes of the Materials and get more detailed info.

2. Papervision 3D – Shaders and ShadedMaterial

This overview is dedicated to Papervision 3D 2.0 Shaders: CellShader, FlatShader, GouraudShader, PhongShader and EnvMapShader.  Also, you will get familiar with ShadedMaterial: a ShadedMaterial object is used to combine your shader and your material together into one dynamic material.


To view the examples and get Flash & Flex Source codes please follow this link.

3. Papervision 3D Shader Materials – a Deeper Explanation

In this example the author explain more detailed and gives a deep comment to what each snippet does. Also, there is a diagram that greatly shows how this example can be realized.


Click here to get more detailed info, view the example and see the diagram.

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