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3D Ribbons in Papervision

After reading this tutorial you will be able to create colorful 3D ribbons. You can download the complete class and source code for the demo. The online author’s comments are quite informative and helpful as well. There are some unused methods the author put into the source code, they can create some great effects with pseudo depth of field and colour. However, they were somewhat processor intensive for the sake of the demo.

The API is simple, the class is supposed to be easily used in projects and manipulated in the same intuitive manner as the other 3D objects in the Papervision library. The constructor looks like any other DisplayObject3D; you pass in a material of your choice, the width of the ribbon and the length (how many segments can be added before the oldest is removed). The material property is also left open, so instead of passing in a colour and therefore having to use a ColorMaterial, you can use any of the wonderful Papervision materials, such as the FlatShadeMaterial, which are used in the demo to give the ribbons a bit of extra depth.

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