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The 5 Biggest Advantages of 3D Modelling

Check out five main advantages of 3D modelling over traditional photography in the modern world.

By Zoey Peregrine 2019-08-21 0 4,731
Most Useful Papervision 3D Tutorial Resources — Part 1

Hi to all Papervision 3D fans! During the time this great technology has been around, it has definitely won public approvement and respect. Perhaps, you remember that PV3D started as a easy way of transforming MovieClips in order to achieve the 3D illusion. With time the tecnology has become a powerful engine with wide opportunities

By Tina Zennand 2011-03-24 1 932
Head Modeling in 3D Studio Max: Video Tutorials

Hey guys, Today we have collected for you the series of video tutorials on how to model a head in 3DS Max. We hope you will find it useful and enjoyed them the same as we did:) This great 5 part tutorial demonstrates of modeling a head and a face in 3DS Max using a

By Tina Zennand 2011-03-18 0 1,601
3D Flash Websites: Enjoy and Get Inspired

Hi everyone, Today we decided to have some fun and please you with the collection of outstanding Flash websites with 3D Environment and 3D interface. Of course, they take some time to load, but they are really worth seeing. Amazing intros, superb 3D animation and unbelievable interactive effects make each of these website a real

By Tina Zennand 2011-03-10 1 979