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3D Image Transitions

For this tutorial the author used the code from the related post Papervision 3D Programming Tutorial: Explodo-logo and added the ability of image transition in a variety of different ways. Each option (selectable from the combo box in the top left of the demo screen) flips the individual planes that make up the final image  in a cascading “mexican wave” motion, either starting from a corner of the image or one of the side.

You could use this code quite easily to add a transition for your own images simply by replacing the .png files in the media directory. It could easily add some pizzazz to (a usually quite boring) photo album. 

Like the exlodo-logo example, the movement of the individual planes in this example is all handled by the Tweener library. Tweening can save you from having to write so much boring boilerplate code to manage the modification of your Actionscript objects. If you don’t know what Tweener is, check out this post here.

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