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How to Make Responsive Images with CSS3: Complete Guide

With the proliferation of mobile devices, it’s quite hard not to keep a website work impeccably across a variety of screens. For the past few years, the growth of mobile has exploded quite impressively, making online players competing to make the most logical use of this technology. By reaching customers through their mobile devices it

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Consulting Website Templates for Your Business Efficiency

Consulting business involves close work and interaction with clients on a daily basis. This kind of business is meant for people, so you should offer your customers as much options for connecting you as possible. One of the best ways to do this is creating a website for your consulting company and gain more customers

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37 Free jQuery Grid Gallery Plugins for Your Designs

Creating the right grid is essential for any website. In the broad sense of the word, grid means page layout and usually has to meet some basic requirements. Thus, you should put main elements in the most prominent places of the screen to make them noticeable.

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4 Tools for Designers to Produce Better Websites in 2015

It’s becoming more and more important to create streamlined branding year after year. If a company’s messaging and logo don’t match the company’s look and feel, it could dilute the brand’s true potential. Having the ability to fully customize additional aspects of an organization’s web presence can be what transcends good branding to great branding.

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7 Mobile Web Design Strategies That Are In Vogue

Transforming a standard website design onto a small-screen mobile device needs considering several aspects of mobile devices like the screen size, touchscreen interactions, etc. A mobile website thus should be much simpler than your desktop website version. The best way to optimize a website display for mobile devices is to remove unnecessary (or the ones

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Check Out 11 Superb Web Design Trends 2015

With all latest trends going on in the world of web designing, it becomes really difficult to provide each and everything to your customers. But it is your duty to serve them with all latest and updated designs to satisfy their needs and requirements. Being a web designer you should always know the requirements of

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UI vs UX Design: Which One Scores Over?

The world of web design and development has been surrounded by technical jargon that need to be used by professionals on a frequent basis. The creative environment used for designing and developing websites and web apps has witnessed the use of two very popular terms viz: UX and UI. As two of the mostly used

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Is There a Sense of Visual Balance in Web Design?

What is balance? It is the same as harmony. How to distinguish a perfectly balanced composition? It is something with a great look and a touch of similarity. Anything may be balanced: a painting, a music composition, or a website.

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How to Design an Original and Effective Product Page

It goes without saying that a well-designed product page can be a real deal-breaker when it comes to the actual purchase done at an e-store. Catchy and creative design, combined with the knowledge of the most basic facts regarding the consumer psychology, is what can considerably facilitate the purchase ratio and popularity of your website.

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10 Killer Tips for Combining Fonts Wisely

Typography is a vital element of any website design. You should pay a careful attention to the type and style of font you choose, be it a body text font or a header typeface. The main pitfall of this task is the you usually need more than one typeface. And the worst thing about it

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