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10 Credible Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment Services

Running an eCommerce business is not a child’s play. However, there are numerous proficient tools and platforms that help create a riveting e-store and convert visitors into customers to drive more conversions and sales.

By Claudia Johnson 2015-05-12 0 237
Understanding the AIDA Approach in Landing Page Design

As the value of digital strategies increases, landing page design becomes a growingly important metric for accessing the overall performance of a commercial website. Namely, landing pages are intended to not only attract a targeted visitor, but also encourage him or her to remain on the page and complete a specific set of actions. Whether

By Sarah Green 2015-04-16 0 515
What is User Experience Design and How to Make It Right

“The customer is always right.” So says the shrewd businessman who intends to retain his clients and maintain healthy long term relationships with them. No matter which sector your business belongs to, your buyer is at the front-end of your marketing strategy. If he is satisfied, your business is safe. Running a business in the

By Misha Felicity 2015-04-14 0 329
Top 10 SEO Books to Boost Your Website

Making a great movie doesn’t mean you will wake up the next day as a world-famous director. The same is with a website. When you finally got your beautiful website developed and filled with first content you will not automatically appear in SERPs. Any website should be properly optimized for search so users could see

By Helen Stark 2015-03-24 1 315
Best Ways of Using Hero Images in Web Design

What do you imagine when hear the words “Hero image”? Most of younger population people will imagine pictures of Batman, Superman or other graphic novel characters. But for a web design this term has an absolutely different meaning. A trend for the use of huge photos and images on a Home Page emerged in web

By Helen Stark 2015-02-24 0 816
Mobile App Marketing Strategy to Step up Application Sale

Nowadays, mobile application has become a hot trend. According to sources, more than 800 applications are downloaded per second. Among millions of applications, it is a challenging job for everyone to market the mobile application successfully. Besides this, retaining the older customer is also very difficult because most of the application users uninstall the apps

By Johny Allen 2015-01-22 3 326
4 Tools for Designers to Produce Better Websites in 2015

It’s becoming more and more important to create streamlined branding year after year. If a company’s messaging and logo don’t match the company’s look and feel, it could dilute the brand’s true potential. Having the ability to fully customize additional aspects of an organization’s web presence can be what transcends good branding to great branding.

By Chad Reid 2015-01-15 0 316
7 Mobile Web Design Strategies That Are In Vogue

Transforming a standard website design onto a small-screen mobile device needs considering several aspects of mobile devices like the screen size, touchscreen interactions, etc. A mobile website thus should be much simpler than your desktop website version. The best way to optimize a website display for mobile devices is to remove unnecessary (or the ones

By Juana Steves 2015-01-08 0 262
Do Use Transparency in Web Design!

Let’s figure out some basics of the use of transparency in web design. All of them are rather logical and understandable when you read current statements on the web. However, they may cause serious troubles in practice when you start building a website with high level of opacity.

By Ann Davlin 2015-01-06 1 320
Check Out 11 Superb Web Design Trends 2015

With all latest trends going on in the world of web designing, it becomes really difficult to provide each and everything to your customers. But it is your duty to serve them with all latest and updated designs to satisfy their needs and requirements. Being a web designer you should always know the requirements of

By Kristy Bernales 2014-12-30 0 314