A Collection of Creative Print Ads

It’s incredibly easy to ignore adverts – we’re exposed to them hundreds of times throughout the day, so we’ve all got used to tuning them out. That’s why, if you’re creating a print advert, you have to keep in mind that you need to be creative in order to get attention.

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Valentine’s Day Discount from DesignWebKit and MotoCMS

Several days ago I’ve seen a TV show where it was tald about the importance of understanding between people in love. You’ve probably heard such bla bla bla discussions millions of times. As usual you think “Hey, I don’t have troubles, stop lecturing on me!“. This time something went wrong because I listened diligently and

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Top 10 Sites for Facebook Cover Pics

If time is important to you and you simply don’t have the inclination to make up a rather pretty Facebook cover yourself then you’re likely searching the internet for a good pics to use as your Facebook cover.

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Stunning QR Code Designs from 2012

You probably already know what a QR code is – they seem to of invaded the techno world over the past few years. They are those little black and white squares (although now-a-days they are not always just black and white, as you’ll see in a moment) which look somewhat like a crossword puzzle and

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Top 100 Web Design Blogs for 2013 [Infographic]

Do you appreciate web design? It seems that it’s a dumb question because as long as you are here you’re a great fan of it. And do you like to read web design blogs? There are so many freebies, inspirational materials, tips and tricks, tutorials and guides! It’s almost impossible to miss all these goodies!

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50 Facebook Timeline Covers for Christmas – Enjoy the Holidays

Christmas time is here and the world around is so beautiful! Snow falls down and Santa Clause is waiting for the proper time to come. These days millions of people all over the world feel like children: they believe in fairy tales, leave glasses of warm milk on windowsills and decorate homes with Christmas trees.

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How Website Design Can Impress Your Readers

Internet marketing has taken a vast place in today’s economy. It is used for the virtual promotion of goods, chattels and amenities. It is a platform where your possessions get an effective promotion across the globe by investing minimum amount. But, an individual will come to know about your marketing agency or strategies only when

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Publish Your Web Designs In A Photo Book – Say What?

Online and print are like chalk and cheese. They can’t co-exist, as one must devour the other. At the moment online is winning, which is good, for web designers and other online doers, as otherwise we would be without jobs (yikes).

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Thanksgiving Bonuses from MotoCMS – 40% OFF on Web Templates

Dear friends, we’re very proud that you’ve chosen DesignWebKit among hundreds of web design blogs on the web. And we want to thank you for this choice. You inspire us to create new better articles and as a sign of gratitude we’re glad to share a 40% OFF promo code on all MotoCMS website templates.

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Happy Birthday MotoCMS! Thanks for the 30% Discount

When your friend has a birthday it’s a great holiday for you too. It’s a good occasion to have a day full of fun and joyful moments. Today is just that very nice day because our good friends MotoCMS celebrate their third birthday. So we want to congratulate them and to wish them new outstanding

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