12 Logos That Speak About Your Website Mysteriously

As you are aware that the logo stands for a brand and makes it recognizable, a careful implementation is mandatory. A perfect logo designer can understand the company ethics, its competitors and other important aspects; then craft a logo that matches up with your company for admirable look and feel. Every company needs a unique

By Angela Philpot 2013-05-21 0 350
When Graphic Design Takes Over Web Design

Web designing, which was only recently dominated by HTML and textual content has begun to be increasingly dominated by graphics. While graphic designing is related to web designing and graphical content is being given importance, one needs to understand the difference between web designing and graphic designing.

By Peter Smith 2013-05-09 0 231
5 Great Gadgets and Gifts for Designers

The tradition of giving and getting gifts has been a never ending process. It is a process, which will always go on because people love gifts. Everyone whether small children or young boys and girls and even elders are happy to receive a gift from someone they love. Holidays and Festivals are such occasions, which

By Claudia 2013-05-07 0 325
Facts About Designs Used in Logo Animations

Logo animation mainly refers to the application of a unique concept whereby you are able to liven up a logo such that it appears to move and or even change when looked at. This animation comes in different ways that may include GIF computer files and 3D animations. Logo animation is a concept that is

By Frances Scot 2013-04-18 0 418
Email & Newsletter Design Best Practices: Infographic

Named as ‘Email Design Best Practices’, the infographic includes, utilitarian email design best practices from around the Email world, the concepts are explained in a lucid manner. Email Monks have considered the Envelop design, Pre-header and Header design, Email layout, Copy & Body Content, Footer design and Mobile Optimized Email within the Best Practices.

By Email Monks 2013-04-09 0 315
Using Hand Drawn Pictures to Create a Wonderful Flipbook

If you are an artistic or creative person, then using the soon to be explaining technique is definitely a good idea for creating your very own animation, making your art come to life. This can be achieved through drawing a collection of sequential images, essentially creating a cartoon style storyboard which when motion is applied

By Daniel Rossiter 2013-03-18 0 626
Grid Layout Shock: A New Plugin for WordPress to Create Impressive Layouts

The Masonry JS is a well known plugin that helps to improve the usage of space in a page, but its usage was restricted to the most skilled web designers, until now. Grid Layout Shock is a plugin for WordPress based on the Masonry jquery plugin. And its goal is to create grid layouts, very

By Ann Davlin 2013-03-11 0 537
A Collection of Creative Print Ads

It’s incredibly easy to ignore adverts – we’re exposed to them hundreds of times throughout the day, so we’ve all got used to tuning them out. That’s why, if you’re creating a print advert, you have to keep in mind that you need to be creative in order to get attention.

By Dan Robinson 2013-02-14 0 483
Valentine’s Day Discount from DesignWebKit and MotoCMS

Several days ago I’ve seen a TV show where it was tald about the importance of understanding between people in love. You’ve probably heard such bla bla bla discussions millions of times. As usual you think “Hey, I don’t have troubles, stop lecturing on me!“. This time something went wrong because I listened diligently and

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Top 10 Sites for Facebook Cover Pics

If time is important to you and you simply don’t have the inclination to make up a rather pretty Facebook cover yourself then you’re likely searching the internet for a good pics to use as your Facebook cover.

By Daniel Offer 2013-01-31 0 536